Real Stories of 10 people who did not immediately became successful and wealthy

Do not worry if you can not find the trick. Success does not come instantly Many people in the region 30 years critically examine your life and realize that it is not time to do anything sensible. And in my head there intrusive thought that the time has gone, and now is to accept the situation.

We have gathered stories of ten people who argue that a new start is never too late, and success will come only later.

Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald's 52 years of selling paper cups em>

"In 1954 I was 52 years old. I had diabetes and arthritis. I cut out the gall bladder and most of the thyroid gland. But I believed in the future "- so Ray Kroc recalled the fateful moment when he met the McDonald brothers.

In addition to numerous diseases, he was hard of hearing and is not rich. Kroc was a well-known businessman, but his enterprise on a regular basis have failed. When in 1954 it took 15 million in cash to buy a license for the distribution of "McDonald's", no bank gave him a loan. It was necessary to lay the house and insurance, then he lived for 30 years and has earned 600 million.

Harland David Sanders (Colonel Sanders), KFC In 40 years, came up to cook fried chicken for visitors refueling em>

The fate of the founder of the fast food chain: he lost his father, my mother worked a lot, and from an early age, he was responsible for the food in the house. In addition, work began early (as early as 10 years), have tried many professions, and at 12 he left home because not a relationship with his stepfather. We can say, Colonel Sanders - the embodiment of the American dream.

"I think that fried chicken - This dish is symbol of American hospitality. That's right - with a capital letter. And I do not care who sits at your table - the king, the big shot or a simple man. Once you come to a guest, your business to feed him well "- so says Harland Sanders.

JK Rowling, author of the "Harry Potter» to 31 years was a single mother on welfare em>

The idea of ​​the novel came from her in 1990, over the next seven years, she lost her job and was divorced and lived in poverty until he published the first novel series in 1997. Now she is the author of best selling in the UK, and for five years has gone from a life of poverty to the status of a multimillionaire.

Amancio Ortega, owner of the Zara Up to 37 years worked as an assistant at the store em>

Because of family poverty Amancio could not even finish high school and began working 13 years messenger at the store shirts. When he was 37 years old, Amancio opened its knitwear factory.

At first, he and his wife Rosalia sew robes, nightgowns and lingerie in the living room of his house. Once the customer has canceled an order for a large batch of laundry, and to save the business, the couple decided to sell their own underwear. So in 1975 they appeared shop Zorba, Amancio was then 40 years old. And in 2012, Bloomberg Ortega acknowledged the richest man in Europe - its holding company owns textile brands Zara, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Oysho, Pull & Bear, Zara Home, Stradivarius.

Harrison Ford, actor and producer of Up to 30 years was a carpenter em>

In 1968, Harrison Ford starred in the film "Zabriskie Point," but all the scenes with his participation was cut. After that, he decided to leave acting career and became a carpenter until he accidentally met George Lucas and invited to the shooting of the film "American Graffiti." Harrison Ford at the time was 30 years old.

Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Up to 45 years as a sales agent em>

Mary Kay for 25 years as a sales agent, without receiving a promotion. She was 45 years old when she decided to quit and write a book about women and business. In the process of writing a book turned into a business plan for her ideal company, and it was decided to sell products for skin care. In 1963, Mary Kay and her husband founded the company Mary Kay Cosmetics with a starting capital of $ 5,000.

"I wanted to create a company that would provide an opportunity for women - for every woman, having a family and raising children - the most to dispose of his career" - says Mary.

Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company

His company founded only 40 years old em>

Born into a family of immigrants from Ireland in his youth he ran away from home and went to work in Detroit. Up to 36 years was a mechanical engineer in the company of Edison. The first car constructed in 30 years, his own company founded only ten years later.

The greatest success came with the release of the company's model Ford T in 1908, Henry Ford at the time was 45 years old.

Ursula Burns, CEO of Xero Up to 32 years served in the company Xero junior positions em>

Ursula was born in a disadvantaged neighborhood in Manhattan - Lower East Side, and spent her childhood in the "Baruch houses" - houses for the poor. She received her education and in 1980 came to an internship at a company Xero. In 2009, Ursula became the CEO of the company and the first black woman to head an American corporation.

Sheldon Adelson, founder of Las Vegas Sands Up to 30 years selling shampoos and liquid glass em>

Left school at 12 years and the only not doing: selling newspapers, selling soap, shampoo and towels in hotels, set up a company with his brother Lenny De-Ice-It sprays on sale to the automobile defroster, worked as a mortgage broker. Even his own father dizzy from the spectrum of the business interests of a promising young man, "Sheldon - used to say the old Boston taxi driver - you are like horse manure - you're everywhere!».

First he created a computer show in Las Vegas, and in 1988 established the corporation Las Vegas Sands - the world's largest casino. At that time he was 55 years old.

Manoj Bhargava, founder of Energy 5-Hour Energy Up to 30 years was a monk in a mountain monastery in India em>

And then he came to the US and became a businessman - founded the company, which produces power of 5-Hour Energy. His name is linked to a major scandal because of the harmful effects of drinks, but the story is not about that. Just imagine how he was able to move my life in a different dimension from becoming a billionaire recluse.

Andrea Bocelli, a singer Up to 33 years of playing piano in bars em>

In 12 years completely blind all his life dreamed of becoming an opera singer. To do this, he went to Turin, where he studied singing with the famous tenor in the evening by earning money for playing the piano lessons in different groups.

In 1992, Andrea successfully auditioned for the Italian rock star Zucchero. After that, a demo of the song gets Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea career goes uphill. Now he is a well-known performer and promoter of opera music.

Ang Lee, director Up to 36 years, had been unemployed em>

He studied filmmaking in the United States and took a couple of successful student films. But beyond that it does not matter, and for six years he was unemployed. Only in 1990 (and there already was 36 years old), his script won the competition, after which he began his directorial career. Ang Lee is now famous all over the world, and you must have seen his movies "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," "Hulk," "Brokeback Mountain" and "Life of Pi».

So our advice: do not get discouraged and keep looking. And remember the words of John. R. R. Tolkien: "Not all who wander - lost».


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