SECRETS millionaire mindset!

1. YOUR LIFE depends on you.
Think positively about wealth, want to succeed, get rid of the role of victim, forget about excuses and stop complaining.
2. Rich worked for PROFIT.
Why do you work, where you pay a little? Usually the answer - a good team, a familiar work, enough to pay for bill payment. In other words, you pay your income potentially large comfort zone in which you are now.

3. LITTLE want to be rich, become rich.
Want to become rich and to think about it can be infinite, from this you will certainly become easier, but the money in your wallet will not increase. To become rich - is constantly explore new areas of knowledge, expand their business functions, improve professional qualifications, receive additional education and become richer every day!

4. expand the horizons of your thoughts, aspirations and desires.
Get used to the good. Constantly reflect on how it can be improved. You are tired of vacuuming the house? Hire a housekeeper. You are too lazy to cook dinner? Go to a restaurant. Do what you like! But only within their budget!

5. consider the possibility.
The new idea is usually voiced laid only 10% of its capacity. Think about where you can still use the results of your work. For example, this post I wrote for myself here. Maybe find a community in which is his place? Get the maximum benefit, wherever you are and whatever you do. To the question: "Do you have a discount card?" Always answer: "There is." Asked to produce, present another card, you do not ask about a discount card from the store. Require discounts, get discount cards this store, ask about current promotions. Strive to buy expensive and quality stuff cheaper.

6. admire rich people.
Tomorrow you will become like them. Leave beyond the threshold of your mind envy, condemnation and anger towards the rich people. Life example. On the sidewalk for pedestrians "raskoryachishsya" white BMW - coupe with low-profile tires. From this car came two people very much looks like trash. Where did they get such a machine ?! Surely, bandits, any! Stop, I told myself. Even if they are criminals, they run the risk of many, Pursuing a dangerous profession. Am I ready myself to such victims in the name of such a machine? So far, no. That is why I have such a machine is not. In any case, I truly respect and admire those people who can not afford to be cattle, but at the same time to go to the BMW.

7. communicate with wealthy and successful.
They teach you to be rich. Poor teach you complain about life and remain poor. Eliminate the losers from the scope of your communication.

8. The Art of self-promotion.
Make the opportunity to show off her habit. Tell the world about themselves and their value as it does not make anyone else. Learn to love yourself. You are unique and unrepeatable.

9. to solve their problems.
Any problem - this is a new opportunity to overcome themselves and to become better, to acquire new knowledge and useful skills. Rich looking for ways to solve their problems, the poor seeking new ways to justify inaction and escape from their problems.


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