35 ways to improve the effectiveness of advertising. Tips from business practitioners:


1. Discard the traditional forms of advertising in favor of the alternative.
2. Always check the advertising idea for a focus group.
3. Decide on an advertising campaign for yourself personally.
4. The most effective advertising - word of mouth.
5. A successful advertising campaign in the absence of willingness to accept a large number of clients can destroy your company.
6. Feel free to borrow advertising moves from competitors.
7. Best Advertising Campaign - a demonstration of the need for your product to potential consumers.
8. Do not be afraid to invent and apply new advertising ideas.
9. You can invest a lot of money to advertise in the most popular media in your country, and do not get a result.
10. Advertising should be given the time, the place, and be directed to your customer.
11. It makes no sense to give expensive advertising luxury cars in a nursing home.
12. The cost of advertising, which you declare advertisers, you can always lower.
13. Use images that cause vivid emotions.
14. Engage in advertising all the senses.
15. The presence of children in advertising increases efficiency at times.
16. Ease of advertising - the key to success.
17. Advertising - the motor trade. Classic
18. A person buys a product information, rather than the product itself.
19. A quality product in itself is an advertisement.
20. Increase the costs if successful advertising campaign.
21. Even a quality product without a beautiful wrapper loses its value.
22. You should be the first customer of the product in order to understand all its pros and cons.
23. The advertisement must not be cheating.
24. From advertising ideas everything depends.
25. Even a quality product needs advertising.
26. The client should get what was stated in the advertisement, or advertising will work against you.
27. Advertising of ice cream provides maximum effect in the heat.
28. Advertising should create the desire to improve their standard of living.
29. Study the literature prominent advertisers.
30. For different types of businesses, there are different types of advertising.
31. The first, who should use your products, it is your employees.
32. For this advertiser more important than money, and that the advertising idea will become known.
33. Advertising itself is a separate product.
34. One of the main objectives of advertising - to arouse interest of the consumer.
35. Advertising - is the first phase of your product.

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