Cooking chocolate bath

Chocolate baths are becoming increasingly popular among visitors of the Spa centers. However, such a bath can be prepared at home. Chocolate bath is used as a tool against cellulite and for weight loss (chocolate helps to normalize the metabolism, stimulates circulation, and removes toxins from the body). In addition, this treatment is great for dealing with stress (the scent of chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins). And finally, chocolate bath helps to restore skin elasticity.

This procedure is carried out in the hot tub. Bath filled with sea or thermal water (water temperature about 38 degrees Celsius). Then, into the bath added natural cocoa powder without sugar and other additives. As a rule, except for the chocolate in the bath add a bit of coconut (or almond) milk.

Before bathing it is necessary to take a shower (plus, it is desirable to peel the skin). The procedure itself lasts about 15-20 minutes, after which the remains of the chocolate washed off in the shower, while skin is moisturized with any nutritional means. After that, it is advisable to relax for about half an hour (with a Cup of hot or cold chocolate).

As mentioned above, chocolate bath can be prepared at home. However, it should be borne in mind that for these purposes do not fit the usual chocolate bar bought in the grocery store. Spa centers use a special cosmetic chocolate. If You do decide to buy ordinary chocolate, make sure it is natural black dark chocolate with no additives. You can purchase cocoa powder, which also should not contain any sugar, aromatic additives.

For making chocolate bath take 200 grams of cocoa powder and pour 1 liter of hot water. The resulting mixture pour into the tub. If You bought it tile chocolate, melt it in a water bath.

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