All about bouillon cubes

A bouillon cube is made concentrated and dehydrated meat or vegetable broth. It is formed into cubes with sides of about 15 mm. is Made by dehydrating vegetables or meat broth, adding portions of solid fat and seasonings, usually salt and MSG (or inosinate sodium and guanylate sodium). Common types of cubes contains about 1.5 grams of monosodium glutamate, which is 65% of the acceptable daily intake consumption for a person weighing 60 kg.

The first bouillon cubes began to sell in 1882 by Swiss entrepreneur Julius Maggi. He developed and started producing them for poor urban residents (who could not afford meat) as an inexpensive way of cooking nutritious soup.

Broth made from cubes of lower quality than fresh because of the high salt content due to the fact that the taste due to boiling, but it is cheap and convenient and is widely used in English cuisine to flavor the dish.

All that contains only chemical ingredients – are – garbage. Your body will not receive that food nothing useful, except for calories, but still be forced to dispose of a handful of chemical components, about each of whom you can read an article on our website. So it is best not to use it at all. Most of the chemical substances contained in these foods can destroy vitamins. So do not even have to "just add" to their normal food.

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