Bike, producing energy for movie

Today many inventors are considering the Bicycle not just as a means of transportation, but as a method of obtaining energy. Cycling pedals already powered washing machines, sergers, and even charging phones. Not long ago, the French engineers made an interesting model of exercise bike that generates energy for a film projector.

Power generating exercise bike, which can produce about one hundred watts of energy, presented this year at the film festival in Saint-Etienne in France. The creators of the new students of the French technical University, who decided in the term papers the problem of the production of electricity from pedaling.

To check the efficiency and effectiveness of the new development, the equipment installed in the conference hall of the school of mines of Saint-Etienne. The team of creators, pushing hard on the pedals, was able to provide energy to the 54-minute screening of the film. The experiment turned out! And if the bike Israelite Izhar Gafni holds the title of "the cheapest", then an exercise bike French students can apply for the title of most effective. So far, however, we can only guess what kind of practical application will find this interesting development.

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