How to cleanse body of parasites?

The proposed option differs in that it uses simple and available ingredients. Ingredients: obcina tansy (flower basket), herb wormwood, clove powder. Full cups of the flowers of tansy – one gram daily rate – up to three grams. For Artemisia two hundred milligrams for intake and up to one gram per day, clove powder – 0,5 and 1,5 grams, respectively.

It is better to use all three components at once, put them in a capsule for drugs. Can be taken without capsules, chewing in the mouth and drinking water. Don't need to use this method of getting rid of parasites ulcer and during pregnancy. Reception schedule is: one day – one capsule (single dose) for half an hour before eating, second day in a capsule before Breakfast and lunch, the third day capsule before Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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