3 main tips on how to relax in the city with health benefits

1. Walking
What the city is small, so is clean air. But you need to walk even for those who are parks and squares is not enough – walking (at least half an hour a day and better quick step), by bike, on rollers, with a dog and without. Better to walk there, where the grass, to avoid asphalt, especially fresh, especially in the heat.

2. A trip to the doctors
Summer is a great time to undergo a medical examination quickly and without queues. Doctors, of course, also go on vacation, but the corridors clinics at this time of year, empty and quiet – the kids at camp grandma in the country, nobody sneezes and coughs at the offices, and an ultrasound can be booked before the New year. So, if you haven't been to the doctor, summer is the time.

3. The sun

Stay out of the sun, as we know, necessary for production of vitamin D. But the sun or somewhere special to go not necessarily – just a daily 10-minute walks in the city, during which the sun's rays hit you on the exposed areas of the skin.

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