Do you want to be fast-growing and silky hair? Add to your diet, these vitamins 5!

Hair some people can grow very long time, and still be brittle and dull. The point is that for full health and growth of hair requires certain vitamins such as biotin, zinc and vitamins of group B. Foods that contain these vitamins, most likely already have in your refrigerator. If not - then purchased and regularly consumed.

Vitamin D

Everyone knows that the "sunshine vitamin" provides us with the necessary energy. In addition, vitamin D stimulates the hair follicles and activates the cells in hair roots, which accelerates growth. It also helps to control the mineral balance in the body, especially the level of zinc, with a deficiency which starts luschitsya scalp and hair becomes dull and brittle. Salmon, corn and mushrooms are the same rich source of vitamin D, as well as sunlight. What other reason do you need to spend a vacation on the beach?

Vitamin A

This vitamin is incredibly important because it moisturizes the scalp and prevents dandruff. Without it, the hair becomes dry and brittle. Also vitamin A regulates retinoic acid content in the hair follicle, excess of which may cause hair loss. Vitamin A consists of retinoids and carotenoids, which can be obtained from products such as liver, liver, eggs, spinach, sweet carrots, mango. If you take vitamin supplements as a daily dose should not exceed 700 mg.

Vitamin C

It's no secret that this vitamin is needed for the health of the immune system, but few know that it also accelerates the growth of hair. Vitamin C helps the body produce collagen, which stimulates the follicles, which in turn causes the hair to grow faster. Also, this vitamin is responsible for transporting oxygen throughout the body, including, saturating them cells that make up the hair and scalp. To get vitamin C, eat citrus fruits, spinach, broccoli, pepper.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E improves and expands the capillary circulation, including the scalp, to stimulate the growth of healthy and beautiful hair. Some remedies for hair care contain this vitamin, as it adds shine and conditioning making your locks smooth and soft. But do not hold to, because it thins the blood. To the body receives Vitamin E, eat almonds, kiwi, papaya, sunflower seeds, kale and spinach. It should not take more than 15 mg per day.

Vitamin H

This vitamin is also known as biotin, coenzyme R or Vitamin B7. Studies have shown that this element is necessary for strong hair and nails. Therefore, it can be found in a variety of cosmetics. It is also found in foods such as avocados, eggs, nuts and beans. In addition, they give hair shine. Biotin deficiency - a rare phenomenon, but if you have hair fall out, still need to consult with your doctor about the use of this vitamin as a dietary supplement. The maximum daily dose should not exceed 2.5 mg.

If no funds are not helping your hair to become shiny, long and silky, maybe the whole thing in a lack of vitamins. Adjust your diet in accordance with the written above and wait for the results!

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