The robot crab will explore shipwrecks

Crabster CR200 is made to study shipwrecks and coastal waters to a depth of 200 meters, where currents can reach speeds of 1.5 m/s and water pressure — 25 atmospheres.

The robot conducts an investigation on all fours, with three pairs of legs. The back two pairs have four degrees of freedom, while the front pair of limbs can move in six directions. It should also be noted that Сrabster CR200 can move and the more familiar method, hovering over the bottom and changing the position through the use of the steering means. If the lens of one of the ten optical cameras of the robot hits something unusual, you can use the front legs as a manipulator to grip the object, then to place them in the front compartment.

CR200 receives energy from the mother ship via a tether, which gives the opportunity he is under water more than a day. It is planned in future versions to implement self-powered, as well as the ability to dive to a depth of 6 kilometers.

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