Is it possible a vitamin deficiency in healthy eating?

Fruits and vegetables —daily
To protect yourself from lack of vitamins and other nutrients, eat every day at least one serving of fresh vegetables, fruits or herbs. Important — without heat treatment. It may be Apple, green salad with tasty dressing, lots of greenery, which you will add to soup/stews, baked fish, poultry, etc.

Give preference to fresh food!
Some vitamins are "afraid" of air and light. So eat the meals immediately after preparation — do not need to leave a plate of salad or a glass of vegetable juice to weathered and oxidized-even for 5 minutes.

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Learn how to cook properly
For maximum preservation of all nutrients is necessary to properly prepare foods. Don't need vegetables and grains cook up creamy taupe color. Use and taste there is no choice you can be sure. The most delicious and useful — to prepare the products strictly limited time.

Unrefined products
To obtain from food maximum vitamins, minerals and micronutrients necessary to eat whole, unrefined foods. Choose wholegrain flour and pasta from her, brown (or wild) rice and other whole grains, unrefined extra virgin oil, sea salt, unrefined cane sugar, etc., by machining, grinding, refining and steaming the product is deprived of the whole use and value. It is desirable to completely eliminate these "dead" foods from the diet.

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