25 rules of strong and stylish women

Rules for successful women is not only the secret of great achievements, but also (to comply with these rules) the pledge of happiness in life, a way of gaining confidence, the ability to find inner harmony and constantly evolve, to move forward. The following recommendations and setup help to change your world for the better as an ambitious business woman, and a lovely housewife.

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1. Don't hide your age, it's stupid. Stick to the installation of the famous song: "my years – my wealth!"Don't even think about the number of past years and do not use as an argument to anything. Generally less talk about age and his, and someone else's.

2. How can spending more time in the fresh air.

3. Be sporty and active, watch your weight. Make yourself need any, but that doesn't mean that working on yourself is not necessary.

4. Keep your chin up, look down and straight ahead. This view of a purposeful and successful women. From that (and the advice about the open look and the smile) rules begin a training that helps you to love yourself and gain confidence in their own abilities. 5. Don't slouch. Beautiful posture makes you slim and taller.

6. Visit beauty salons. Yes, this is a mandatory rule. Cut out time for yourself at least from time to time. Not too much to spend money will help you promotions and coupons on the coupon sites. Following this rule of successful women will help you not only look good, but also to obtain simple and pleasant recharge for good mood and confidence.

7. Be different. Experiment with clothes to create new ensembles. Follow the fashion, it's fun and will help you in finding new ideas for stylish bows.

8. Dress sexy, but in any case not vulgar. It is important to see the difference.

9. Follow their appearance. Cleanliness and neatness in dress – above all else. Old, darned, washed, the pellets – either in the trash or rags for cleaning.

10. Do not copy the style of others. Look for yourself. Keep in mind that this is a rule of successful women imposes a restriction only on the extremes, to use a favorite weapon of celebrities for inspiration and the basis is not forbidden.

11. Watch your gait. Shoes have to be comfortable. Hobbling on high heels, you can look stupid, ridiculous, helpless, but not exactly sexy. 12. Psychologists firmly believe that a woman wearing beautiful lingerie under your clothes, becomes more confident. Remember this.

13. Eat beautifully, with gusto and with pleasure. This does not mean you have to overeat, but a single lettuce leaf a day – no good. Enjoy the aromas and tastes. You can hold the right diet, but to dwell on this is not necessary. Don't beat yourself up for failures and not even think about eaten. 14. The rejection of bad habits NameWoman is highly recommended. Is cigarettes, alcohol and even... the abuse of coffee. Everything that fast is in the habit. Of course, a glass of wine at a holiday or some herbal liqueur in hot Cup of tea when you have a cold, are not considered. But remember the most important part of this rule successful women: "drunk girl" should never be applicable to your address.

15. Beautiful and intricate styling for a special occasion, collected hair to work on her hair every day air, splayed. If you dye your hair, don't forget to update the color, the roots look terrible, don't expect to pass them off as trendy "Ombre".

16. Try to use decorative cosmetics to a minimum. 17. Take care of your pens, they should be well groomed. Long and sharp claws – not for every day. Short nails do not eliminate the necessity of manicure.

18. Pedicure is also important. Even in winter, even if now you live alone. This rule of a successful woman – an important trait that will help you always be aware of their perfection, even in the details.

19. Smooth skin and smooth armpits – it is not for men, this is for you.

21. Keep the daily schedule, get up early and go to bed early.

22. Drink plenty of pure water. Every hour a little, it will promote clarity of thought, good health and the normalization of metabolic processes.

23. Watch your health. Regular visits to dentist and gynecologist is vital.

25. Do not think constantly about how you look from the side. Importantly, delight your reflection in the mirror, you need to please herself.

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