What you need to know the girl to get married

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In any business there are rules, there are rules of building relationships with men and they should know not to make unnecessary mistakes. If you behave properly, the man is calling you and inviting you. If the girl tells himself and others that he was "simply afraid of commitment" or "not ready for a relationship", there are two options: or the girl is unattractive, or, more likely, she's in the wrong it is. If you want to get married, how to behave properly?

You always internally calm and happy.

First of all, you always happy. Once you can be with a nice young man, once cool, but this does not negate the main thing: your inner "Well" domestic well-being. You are always cheerful eyes and a Sunny smile. You never complain, you get frustrated (you can handle it? Needed), no one else respond badly. Always behave politely, like the Queen, surrounded by lovely subjects.

Second — do you follow their appearance and look beautiful. Clearly, you have no bad habits (this is so?), it is incompatible with your task. You eat right, you do something useful for you sports and dancing, you petite, you are always dressed feminine, neat, bright and tasteful. The details of this science, you know better than us. We — about relationships. Now,

Third and foremost, you to treat men well, but in marriage you are not aiming at anyone not in love and in a relationship not much interested. Here every detail is important.

First — the men you think is good. You have a positive Outlook on life, you live like you have a good attitude to people and to men in particular. You don't like to complain, no one offended, no one is planning to take revenge, men are not assholes and are not bastards, you will not betray, and so on, you are all well. Arranged? This phrase to learn — and forget forever! Second — you do not aspire to marry. In any conversation with a man never say "I want to marry." For men, this wording sounds completely wrong, as she heard the girls, it sounds to them as well as for girls would sound from a man, "I want Babu". Men hear "I want to get married" as "I want to be on the man's neck, so he kept me and took care of me". Another thing, if you say, "of Course, you always want to have a close loved one, which can be taken care of, with whom you can build a happy relationship!"The content is the same, and that sounds appealing. Excellent clicking on the nose! Now he will see her interested and serious! Third, and most importantly — you are not against relations with men, but it is more necessary to men, but not you. Great strategy — "fire and ice" when you can easily go in a warm and close relationship, but any claim of men to you (like "you are Now my property") you nipped in the Bud. If the man you like, why not to be with him, warm and open, why not take his palm in his hand or put your hands on his chest, urging him in some detail? It promises man the future warmth and joy, but if he came today not shaved or had a bored look, spend thoughtfully with the back of the fingers on his stubble and say seriously: "You're not in the spirit. Let's meet another time when you will be up to me!"You do not depend on its decisions, you have the life that you are quite satisfied, because you can easily "click on the man on the nose" if he were even in the little things has shown you disrespect. This is one of the most important moments of your tactics to keep yourself to the man in the relationship more interested than you. Why is it so important? Men don't like women, they are by nature — hunters. Real men don't need easy prey, they need to achieve and conquer. Women who call men who invite them on a date, "accidentally" buy two tickets to a show or offer to have sex on the first date, deprive men of ambition and hunting instinct. Men are born to be hunters, they need to chase prey – or their interest fades away.Wrote Bob Marley, "If she's amazing, to get her will not be easy. But if it is available, it will not be delicious. If she's worth it, don't give up. And if you give up, you're not worthy. Actually any person will hurt you. You just have to find someone who is worth your suffering."



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