A silent hybrid motorcycle company Logos Technologies

Bike on hybrid propulsion with features of stealth began to develop in the United States. It will be used for crossing the invisible borders of enemy States and other anti-terrorist and military operations. Hybrid engine allows the car to drive quietly, and produce less harmful emissions, which can also detect the vehicle, according to I-HLS.com.Invisible bike called the future of two-wheeled transport. A grant for its development and subsequently the production won the company Logos Technologies of Fairfax, VA. Money for the project gives the American Agency defense advanced research projects Agency (DARPA), is already famous throughout the world for creating a unique robotic animals for military missions. The bike will help small units of special forces at high speeds to travel long distances inside enemy territory undetected.
The motorcycle is being developed in cooperation with BRD, a major manufacturer of motorcycles of San Francisco, which gave the silent hybrid engine. Engineers Logos Technologies tells that the new vehicle is compact and easy to operate and has a high speed range, making it ideal for American soldiers in difficult field conditions. Such motorcycles in the future plans to use not only American army but also transport company like Transteleservis. One of the Directors of Logos Wade Pulliam said that now the rapidly growing demand for small vehicles that can operate in difficult conditions, being independent and invisible. The company hopes to meet this demand.

Source: energysafe.ru


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