Stealth motorcycle for the DARPA hybrid engines

At the conference, industry forces (SOFIC 2016), the two companies introduced a custom-made (and financial support) DARPA motorcycles with hybrid engines destined for military use.

These prototypes are called "stealth motorcycle", but not because they are not visible on radar. Two years ago, DARPA has posted zacasna manufacturer of the motorcycle, which would be moved as quiet as a motorcycle, but could cover significantly more distance. The two companies took the matter seriously.

Company Logos produced a Silent Hawk ("quiet hawk"), and LSA Autonomy – Nightmare ("nightmare"). Enduro-like off-road hybrids are similar to each other, and show fit in the frame of a hybrid system in which the internal combustion engine can run on almost all that burning aviation kerosene JP-8, Jet A-1, propane, gasoline...

Engineer company Logos Alex Zuill [Alex Dzwill] claims that their bike could theoretically go on olive oil, he will understand that he poured into the tank. The aim of the company is a hybrid motorcycle capable of producing up to 55 miles per hour on rough terrain, and have withdrawn from the frame the engine.

Silent Hawk

Such requirements are understandable from the point of view of the use of the vehicle during a military action its rare to find a working gas station, so ideally, the motorcycle must be driven at any desired fuel. During operation of the internal combustion engine of the bike produces a lot of noise about 80 db. But in "quiet" mode of travel on batteries, the noise reduced to 55 db and this is comparable with the volume of conversation in the room.

Silent Hawk electric system from the company Alta Motors, long been producing electric motorcycles. Lithium-ion batteries are known for their tendency to explosion in case of overheating, and to install powerful battery in the bike it has to compactificability. Engineers claim that well-designed active cooling system will save from harm the rider, even if some of the cells will fail. Very similar system is used in cars Tesla.

Both bikes have four-wheel drive wiring diagram, but Nightmare will be more and more powerful as his brother. It weighs 200 kg, and the engines give out 17 HP at the front wheel and 135 on the rear, the power system is 13 KW. Silent Hawk weighs 170 kg and generates 7.5 KW. Both bikes can be used as generators for connection to the external consumers. Will we see hybrid motorcycles on the roads is still unknown. published


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