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In the book "health System, Katsudzo Niche" following his statement: "In man, a single body, and spirit — what most people forget. How we eat, can not affect the operation of our consciousness, our soul, our thoughts and feelings. Improper diet disrupts the energy balance in the human body, but because it dulls the mind, makes you sleep good feelings and excite the senses incredibly rude, unkind. Worst of feelings — grief, anger, sadness, fear, and excessive nervous agitation... — break the balance and create disease in the body. These senses we are subject to the more than harmful to us, our food." I have to say: pull as many people to Smoking, consumption of alcohol and drugs does not mean their usefulness, and especially the need and desire for masiello did not prove his justification, and even more naturalness. Historically this is explained and partly justified to the cold snap on the planet, which forced people to go for this one, apparently, life-saving compromise, to make up for the impoverished vegetarian table: meat (killer) foods.

Yes, the human body was forced to adapt to these conditions, but with a deliberate evolutionary losses. However, and it, the body "understands" forced this compromise, obviously not accidentally preserved those anatomical and physiological features which clearly indicate not only a vegetarian the past, but it required a vegetarian present and especially the future. We are talking primarily about the structure and physiological functions of the teeth, stomach, intestines and the whole digestive system.

All these facts lead us to believe that, although masectomy our many thousands of years, but for a vegetarian — millions! Yes, millions of years the ancestors of modern man were vegetarian, eating mostly edible fruit, roots, grass, berries. Currently naturopathic practitioners in many countries, promoting and implementing vegetarianism, were successful in their fight against disease and premature aging, using natural means of healing. One of the main conditions of preservation of health, they believe the power of natural plant food. And pay special attention to the raw food diet — eating raw plant food. Thus, a well known supporter and promoter of natural nutrition Aterow (Armavir Ter-Avanesyan) in his book "Raw" writes, "the Crude plant products have become the sole food of man. The custom of eating boiled foods all over the world must be stopped once and for all. This is the unerring demand of nature. The consumption of boiled — the worst barbarism in human history... no matter How strange it may seem to us this thought, it is the absolute truth...". Forty one million three hundred fifty one thousand one hundred fifty six

We must admit, that it is not without reason the author believes that — it stands for his personal very sad experience. The fact is that the naturopathic doctor Aterow survived the tragedy, lost a son and a daughter who died at an early age. After much thought and research, he came to the conclusion that the main cause of death was unnatural foods and drugs. About this he later wrote: "... After 18 years of hard searching I came to убеж14-year-old daughter was unnatural perverted nutrition. A huge number of medical studies conducted not only in Iran but also in France, Germany, Switzerland, did not help diagnose their illness and the consumption of untold amounts of drugs which they were intensively fed, finally led to a tragic outcome. My children died from gradual poisoning and destruction of all organs of the body, which was unnatural food and poisonous medicines."

Note even non-poisonous, and, it would seem obviously useful medications generally help only temporarily. Hippocrates, an outstanding physician of Antiquity, credited with the following dictum: "the Effect of dietary medium — long, and the effects of drugs — transitory". Our domestic enthusiast natural, drug-free rehabilitation Galina Shatalov in his book "Philosophy of health" writes: "the First and main feature of the healing power that it is a specific diet prescribed to man by nature, and fully consistent with anatomical and physiological features of his body. The basis of medicinal food consist of vegetables, fruits, berries, grains, nuts, seeds. Products of animal origin, primarily meat, fish (and their products) from the diets of the healing power excluded. The second feature of the species of power in that it completely eliminated artificially concentrated foods, e.g., canned vegetables, store-bought flour, as well as culinary products made from this flour." Here it is clearly indicated on the conscious abstinence not only from meat, but from any processed food.

In 1983 was organized spermatagonia mileage 500 kilometers, which was dedicated to the cosmonautics day. It was also attended by the group sports. S. Shatalova. The members of the group took quite a bit of food. They used decoctions of herbs, vegetables, salads, cereals from whole grains, dried fruits and nuts.

The diet of the participants belonging to the main group, were drawn from standards developed by the Institute of nutrition. The members of the core group ate only high-calorie food: meat, fish, canned goods, noodles, pasta, coffee, chocolate... and the Experimental group switched to natural food, came to the finish line in high spirits, alert and... you gain weight in contrast to the main participants who came to the finish line exhausted and lost a few pounds. And as usual eats itself G. S. Shatalova? A. U. Boone in the book "How to be a survivor" wrote about her: "... Uses per day: 11 grams of protein, 5-10 grams fat, 100-200 grams of carbs and in its 80th year feels great." Believe deserve attention and direct advice G. S. Shatalova on diet, tested it first of all for yourself:

Bread, especially yeast, inhibits beneficial microorganisms that inhabit the colon, so try to limit the use of this product. Writing diversify depending on the time of year, don't neglect a salad of dandelion leaves, young beet tops, sprouts, spruce and pine, goutweed, sorrel. As aging to include in your diet vegetables, fruits, green peas, young green beans, zucchini, pumpkin. Keep the fast. Exclude from the diet such drug products, such as tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, alcoholic drinks. They artificially stimulate the appetite and disastrous effect on the metabolism. Food expose the least possible heat treatment and do not use aluminum kitchenware. Remember that the amount of food consumed should not exceed the natural volume of the unstretched stomach is about 300-400 grams. Intervals between meals should be 3-4 hours. Drink liquids before meals not take food and do not consume liquid for 2 hours after meals to not dilute the gastric juice. Cook food only for one time, immediately before use, and don't leave leftovers in the fridge. Eat less salt as the sodium enters the cell and you tesnaya potassium, changes its specific chemical composition. Saturated with sodium, the cell swells, causing degeneration of tissue in an unhealthy fullness. Instead of salt use kelp or sea salt.



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