Live oil at home

"Live" oil is made in front of you, without succumbing to the refining, filtering and heating. Live the oils have effective therapeutic and prophylactic properties, while taste qualities — excellent. I won't lie if I say that none of the oil in industrial production can not be compared withfresh. A major advantage of fresh oil in that it can be done at home from seeds of hemp, flax, rapeseed, sesame, milk Thistle and other oil seeds.

The undisputed superiority of the live oil was confirmed by various facts:
living oil is not in the stores over the years, he has not a long shelf life (3 to 6 months), it should be stored in a dry cool place;
— first, its appearance can be daunting to some, but over time, the sediment settles and it becomes clear;
— in the process of squeezing produces a lot of useful cake, from which you can make a paste or added to food;
— 1 kg of ordinary linseed (flax) to 200 ml of oil and 1 kg of oilseed flax (flax) — 400 ml.

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