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• Dry shampoo

Tips about using dry shampoo is often not perceived. Because, once many felt only discomfort. It is more correct to use it in the following way: apply dry shampoo at first on a comb, buy this dry shampoo in spray. And then comb your hair from roots to ends several times. No gray plaque on roots and the hair – light and clean!
Adam Reid, L'oréal Paris

• Sugar hair
Sugar water is an excellent way of styling. Dissolve 6 teaspoons in a glass of boiling water, let it cool, then spray on hair. Then simply wrap the curls in curlers or pin puchochki. When the hair is completely dry, remove the rollers. Get soft curls, and the hair is not affected by the chemical composition of styling.
Johnnie Sapong hairdresser

• Care for colored hair
Hard water is not friendly to colored hair. Be sure to use hair mineral water without impurities and sediment. They make the hair dull, destroying the color. This can be achieved if you use filtered water for washing hair. It is useful to attach a filter to the soul.
Marie Robinson, Pantene

• Natural wave
Curls are always in fashion. Create them safe for the hair. Twist the bunches or braids on wet hair, dry hair like this. Then dissolve and the resulting light wave.
Alain Pichon, L'oréal Paris

• To impart smoothness to the hair
If you are confused frizzy hairs, or the hairs not smooth enough and smooth, then you can use the following advice. Squeeze the juice of lemon or lime in your shampoo and conditioner. These juices with high acidity will help to cleanse the hair, degreased them, will close the cuticle. The result is a perfectly smooth hair without any chemicals or heat irons.
Paul Patrick, Matrix

• Carefully and gently
How you wash your hair, can harm them. Do not RUB too intensively, do not whip much foam, do not scrape the scalp, it can hurt the cuticle. Instead, before washing, massage the roots and the shampoo distribute to ends first. Then gently, gently distribute the shampoo over the entire head.
Phil Smith hairdresser

• Hair products without sodium
In order to keep long healthy hair, it is important not only to minimize the processing of a Hairdryer, but also to use the correct shampoos and conditioners. Those containing keratin, strengthen hair, smooth it, fill up your own reserves of keratin. But along with this component in the media can be the sodium, which destroys the keratin. So look for hair products strictly without sodium.
Philip Kingsley, an expert on hair care

• Modern beam
The main secret is to create a contrast between the hair and the bundle. The slicked-back hair must be perfectly smooth and shiny, whereas the beam can be messy, sloppy, distracting strands. It is stylish.
Gary hooker and Michael young, Hooker & Young

• Before washing the hair
Be sure to thoroughly comb the hair before washing the head. Otherwise, when the hair is matted, you may permanently damage them when washing. Before you apply shampoo, rinse your hair with warm water to open the follicles and get rid of styling products. And then apply the shampoo.
Lisa shepherd, an expert on hair care

• Perfect tail
Lie down on the bed, hanging his head and hair down. Gather your hair on top or a little below. If you want super-smooth hair, it will wet your comb with water and comb it out before you assemble the tail. The perfect ponytail is ready!



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