"Decisions of fear" and "solutions for growth"

We like to think of ourselves as rational people, make sound, informed decisions. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The site publishes an article by James Altushera, blogger and radio host, that actually guides our postupkami.Odna friend told me: "My grandmother says that there are only two types of decisions - decisions made out of fear and solutions made for the sake of growth ยป

For example, you're left on your work, because you are afraid that you can not find another job? Or because you inspire growth potential, which you have in this job?

You continue to support someone relationships because you are afraid that no one else will not meet, or because you are afraid that the gap is bad for children, or because you are afraid to hurt someone? Or because you are sincerely grateful to this man for what he is (a) in your life (and hopefully, vice versa)?

I thought about it. I remembered all the major decisions of his life.

Moving to New York for work on HBO. Leaving HBO, to create his own company. The first marriage. The second marriage. Divorce. Children. Check-out from New York after the loss of homes and money. An attempt to sell the company before she began to take off. The refusal to travel iz the constant nervous thinking - what would happen if I leave the house?
Every decision that I took, or was caused by fear, or the desire to grow. Not only the big decisions, but also the smallest. And decisions based on fear, never worked. When I took this decision, I have always given power to someone else. I did it out of insecurity. Out of a sense that I was something missing. I gave my life to lead others.

Decisions based on growth, led to the wonders that I could not imagine. Such decisions can feel the whole body. This is a feeling bursting freedom. These decisions become part of your life story. A decision based on fear, become only regret.

Decisions based on fear, are as follows: "It is better to me to do so, and then ..." I repeatedly listened to my boss yells at me because I was afraid he would fire me if I will object. I do not want to lose a job, because I was on the side of the company, and HBO (my then employer) was my biggest client. I had no confidence in my company, and the fear of losing the client to take the time prevented me from real growth in my life.

Once I was afraid to lose everything again. So I got a job. I tried to convince myself that this is a decision for the sake of growth. What can I grow in this job, I will have new opportunities.

But on the first day on the job for no reason, I fell to the floor. All laughed and asked, "Are you okay?" And I got up because I was ashamed. I began to limp, because it has hit a leg.

On the second day the main boss told me: "Trust me in terms of salary. We'll take care of you. " And I was afraid to argue. After all, he's the boss.

On the third day, I got up and left. I did not remove in his office. I left a jacket there. I took the elevator to the fortieth floor. I went out on the sunny street.

And do not come back. I rang constantly. Even a year later I called the chief. Until now, there is ringing.

But my life is better than ever. I never looked back. Coming out of the building, I went to the station, drove 80 miles on a train and watching the leaves turn red on the path along the Hudson River.

I came home and went to the river quarter. I breathed in the air, not knowing why, what, how. I'm first time in several months did not think about money.

And then I noticed that no longer limping. My leg does not hurt.

Not all is well in my life after this decision. There were pretty awful things. My heart ached at times. My fears about the money back again and again.

But it was a decision about growth. And time after time, these decisions accumulated and accumulated. And again and again I loved life more and more.

Thank you, my friend's grandmother.

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