Delicious homemade almond milk




1 Cup raw almonds, soaked for 8 hours
3 cups water (filtered or bottled)
2 large dates
½ Tsp vanilla paste
¼ Cinnamon
tiny sheptock pink Himalayan salt

+ a blender and a cheesecloth (or a special bag for nut milk)

Nuts for this recipe you will need raw, it is recommended to soak about 8 hours; I soaked in the morning, and came home in the evening, they were ready.In relation to almonds, I also prefer to get rid of its skin, and useful additionally, the milk turns white and beautiful and more delicate. The skin is walnut peel off very easily if after soaking them and rinse with boiling water (do not soak in boiling water and just pour or soak for a few seconds, we don't want to weld nuts and lose all their useful properties, we just want to get rid of their skins), and then washed in ordinary cold water.

When the nuts are ready, mix them with all the ingredients in a blender, first on low speed, then the fastest. The more you have the blender, the finer the get milk. Strain the resulting liquid through cheesecloth or a special bag for making nut milk, which are increasingly seen in special health shops in Sydney. I used a gauze, which my mother brought from Russia :). The gauze I put in 4 times, securing it with a bandage Rita hair around the Cup for milk, everything turned out practical and easy. Here's a household resourcefulness :).

Once most of the liquid has passed through the gauze, you can proceed to the remarkable process which I jokingly call “milking nuts”. Oh, just remember yourself in the village with my grandparents, I 5-year-old was allowed to milk their family cow... When you're 5 years old, milking a cow is happiness, interesting and joyful experience, this adventure urban child in the village :). Now I'm 30 years old, and my happiness in milking nuts :). Haha, imagine the face of my grandmother: “Here alinka chudit”.

Back to the peanut liquid, we need hands to squeeze as much out of her milk to the result is a dry nut weight. It can be dried and get the nut flour that can be used for baking. And what is the perfect body scrub

So, you get a delicious almond milk that can be stored in the refrigerator for several days.






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