Spanish corn diet


On a corn diet is very easy to lose three or four pounds of excess weight. This diet for 4 days. It helps not only to get rid of extra kilograms, but also to cleanse the body of toxins and impurities.

It is better to choose a young fresh corn. Corn has almost no contraindications, so this diet will suit everyone.

Least of all for weight loss suitable canned corn.

Meals during the corn diet

• First day - without the oil and salt to eat four boiled cob. As a Supplement, you can choose any fruits and vegetables, except grapes, melon, bananas and green apples

• Second day - 4 corn on the cob, you can also add a serving of stew (without the mayonnaise and sour cream )mushrooms and about 300граммов berries or fruit.

• Third day - 3 corn on the cob, fruit and vegetables as much as you like.

• Fourth day - eat 2 small corn cob. It is possible to add also a portion 100граммов steamed or boiled mushrooms. It's the final day of the corn diet.

During these four days it is advisable to drink up to two liters of water a day. Alcohol is not allowed.

Diet of corn porridge, looks like this:

• First day - need to eat 600 g of corn porridge without butter, milk and salt. The dish needs to cook on water, without adding any broth. Salt and pepper are also prohibited. The amount of cereal to be divided into four parts. In the form of salads 500g of fresh vegetables.

• Second day - should be divided into four stages 500граммов oatmeal, 1 liter of yogurt and a medium head of cabbage

• The third day should be divided into four stages 500граммов porridge, half boiled one chicken breast and a handful of raisins.

• Fourth day: the whole day should equal portions to eat 300граммов corn porridge, portion of boiled fish and 500g of raw vegetables.

During these four days to comply with the following drinking regime: drink at least 2 liters of fluid ( herbal tea or green tea )



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