3 day diet on green beans

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Green beans are a versatile product. It can be cooked separately and use for salads and even hot dishes. While the beans very well satisfies hunger, while it is also low in calories, for example, 100 g pods themselves contains only 23 calories. That's why it's so often used in the preparation of diets. Beans allows you to choose how the balanced and short-term diet.

We present to your attention three-day diet, main dish which is green beans. This diet is more than just those who want to lose weight after the holidays, either as the starting phase of a longer course weight loss.

Diet green beans will be held for 3 days, as the name implies.

The first day
The Breakfast omelettes of the following products: 2 eggs (use only whites) 200g. boiled beans, season with one tablespoon of olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.
For lunch you can enjoy a Cup of tea and eat six berries prunes which needs to be soaked in water for 12 hours.
At lunch you need to eat a salad of tomatoes, green beans (200 g) and greens. You can also eat 50 grams – 150 fish or meat, steamed.
Snack: can eat fresh green Apple.
For dinner, boil a couple 200 g green beans, seasoned with one hundred grams of yogurt (fat content of not more than 5%).

Day two
For Breakfast you need to make a salad of 100 grams of green beans, dressed with 100 grams of yogurt (fat content of not more than 5%).
Lunch: same as first day except for the choice of berries – on the second day you need to eat 6 dried apricots berries.
At lunch, prepare, cook vegetable soup with beans, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini. You can make soup. Together with the soup you can eat 1-2 slices of bread Teleservices.
Snack today is fresh pear.
For dinner you need to prepare a salad of 200 g steamed green beans. Dressed with olive oil and herbs.

Third day – final, he's unloading
Should be prepared in advance by the last day. You need to prepare vegetable salad with 1.5 pounds of green beans, two table spoons of olive oil and lemon juice instead of salt. In addition to a large amount of salad to stock up on two liters of mineral water. And then you can use all of the above during the day.

Expanding the boundaries of the three-day diet you can go on the weekly diet of Cayenne, but with a few changes.

This diet is recommended as the meat eaters and vegetarians. However, if you keep this diet, the body will get sufficient normal plant proteins. It is designed to food in 5 meals at least every three hours.
For Breakfast you can eat: Salad with 200 grams of green beans and one canteen spoon of olive oil, porridge, 200 g of whole grains and 2-3 slices of whole wheat bread.

For lunch you can choose to eat a few fruit or a few berries (200 g.).

Lunch vegetable soup with the obligatory presence of green beans or one of the following ingredients either meat or fish (200 grams), steamed; either tofu or seitan (150 grams) roasted.
For a snack it's simple: a glass of juice or soy yogurt.

And for dinner, prepare salad 200 grams of green beans or any vegetable of your choice.
We must not forget that the diet excludes alcoholic beverages and virtually eliminates coffee (1-2 cups). It is impossible to get used to a diet of green beans, use it not more than a week, as the beans are not enough calories for a stable, and the more active activities of the body.

Source: dieta-dieta.ru


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