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Every woman wants to feel like a man like a stone wall. And finding a man soon realizes that he fell under total control. Or — even worse – was a victim of domestic violence. How to find the way out?

Very often man becomes a tyrant with the submission of the woman. She indulges his proprietary instincts, believing that his word is law. Or attempts to cause jealousy and flirting. For a woman flirt with another man – just a game, and for the man a blow to the ego, to which everyone reacts differently. Some go to other women, and the second starts to show aggression towards a woman are in a relationship. And instead of trust and love comes fear and a feeling of hopelessness. To recognize the owner a hard time. After all, the signs may become apparent only after several years of marriage.

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Of course, you can try to play the role of a passionate couple, which as scandals and reconciliation occur very rapidly. But with the advent of a child it will be inappropriate, therefore, need to be concerned about the future. If a family mostly dominated by violence, you should quickly and decisively to cross such a relationship. At first it will be very difficult, but it is possible to enlist the support of family, close friends and, of course, a professional psychologist.

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At first, you will need to avoid common friends, to change regular travel routes to work or to the shops. Need to change the mobile number and the new number to only those friends who know about the situation. It is worth an appointment with a psychologist who will take a sober look at arose in the family problem. If you still have the desire to keep the family together, you should try to bring on reception to the psychologist and her man.


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