Why men are afraid of women

Once women were not as independent as in our time, and were fully subordinated to male authority. Now on the contrary – men seeking independence from the weaker sex.The girls could have had many other problems – how to find the groom, to keep him and raise him normal offspring? Men do not hurry to start a family and cherish their freedom. Many blame these changes emancipation or Vice versa – too Intrusive behaviour of women in relation to men. But is this the case? Experts the "Home" find and explain other reasons.

To impose relations to the man who is afraid of love and intimacy, rather only, will not work. In addition, it can affect women's self-after all, we often try to solve problems at the expense of their possibilities and many taken at his own expense. Such difficulties must be overcome together to learn and teach to love, leaving the partner's personal space and freedom.

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