Serge specifically for That is, for all of us))

I do not know how to write)
Everyone knows earrings, right? The same with Serge Black Boomer.
So. Yesterday I learned that Serge released joint single with German rapper Azad and clip now actively twists German MTV. (Clip look here)
Yesterday Serge wrote specifically for small video you can see by clicking on.
For us, no one did not write this)

I support the piglets earrings rating MTV and this request I am pleased to convey to you.

Prove that we are better! Vote for earrings, support your! Vote Now

Come on in, everything is written. It takes 30 seconds of time and help our guy up in the ranking of MTV.

Thank you!

So be sure to watch the video on, when someone else is to record the chips)

Download video (add the extension .wmv)


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