He grows !!!

The story happened with my kids. So, actors daughter Nadia - 11 years, character with elements of sadism. Son of Serge - 6 years, trusting and suspicious. My mother (my wife) - a loving mother.
One day the children were alone in the apartment and watched on TV favorite TV series "Transformers." Forgetting everything, Sergei put his fingers in his mouth and shook his tooth. Serge (not looking up from the TV):
 - Nadia, my front tooth is unsteady.
 - Very bad, Seryozha.
Serge (interested):
 - Why?
Nadia (maliciously):
 - Because it grows from the bottom under the new tooth, and if it does not pull out, it will grow two teeth, and both are curves!
Serge has lost all interest in cartoons and stood before the mirror, looking at his frightened tooth. Half an hour later my mother returned from the store. Before she undressed at the entrance as it tearfully threw Serge:
 - Mom Mom! Let's go to the clinic, my tooth is unsteady, it urgently needs to snatch!
Mom (tired of shopping trips):
 - Well, Seryozhenka tomorrow's go.
 - No, go now! The clinic is still running!
Having persuaded his mother, Sergei immediately dressed and flies out the door. Coming out of the house, he ran rushes toward clinics, then turns around and seeing slowly reaching him mom yells:
 - Mom, what are you going so slow? Run!
 - Where should we hurry? We have time.
 - But he is growing !!!


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