So far, Katya!

I took a shower, and her husband with her daughter 5 years were in the kitchen. Turn off the water and hear the daughter says:
 - Poop!
With her husband heard no response. She again, louder:
 - Poop!
I scream to her husband, such as that in the case, including the child in the closet light. The husband answered:
 - We have everything in order, no one in the toilet is not asking.
Daughter again:
 - Poop, poop!
I'm wet and angry, get out of the shower, and I see that baby cries:
 - Poop - in the handset. It turns out she was on the phone with his girlfriend Kate, and so farewell:
 - Bye, Katya!
And Kate, apparently, also did not understand what was expected of her want, and continued to talk.


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