This strange but entertaining ailment, has long found a name - seksogolizm; and even rumored that Michael Douglas had to undergo several weeks of treatment to get rid of it ... hmmm ... the disease.
But okay, Michael - he is a celebrity, there is not will deal where he is ill, and where the PR ... and here I am watching this very seksogolizm very close for several months. And the more I observe, the more I tend to think that really would not prevent such tablets - to drink - and everything vanished)

* * * * *
Anya, my manicurist, went to Ibiza in June. The first two days it safely annealed in clubs and drinking cocktails by the Bank of boys. And then she met him. No not like this. She met with him.
How it all began - remains a mystery to me because it told Anya quickly and completely inaudible, but the fact that started.

In Anya had a first few months of sex. Ibiza. Then another. Then again.
In general, your entire vacation she described all three words - "fuck all the time," and nothing more distinct from it was impossible to draw. As in the joke: "The sea? And that there was a sea ?! "
Anya does not remember the sea or clubs. He says that, like as, crept into the room, and after ten days - on the plane.
What's interesting with this most macho they were flying on the same flight, so the entire flight, passengers could hear the characteristic sounds coming out of the closet; flight attendants tried twice to extract from them a couple of restless intended for this business booths, but eventually resigned to the fact that it may love, and leave them alone.

In St. Petersburg Anya first three days to rebound. I do not get out of bed, trying to sleep off for all the days of vacation. And on the third day, I received a text message in which the newly acquired lover offered to come to visit.

... And continue their race for orgasms. They met 3-4 times a week, spent the night together and then parted on work and business.
Without sex Anya missing a day or two. The third began breaking. They met again. And it continues to be everything and more, but her lover had driven away for a week on some incredibly important issue.

One of these days, Anya had cut my finger. And, in my opinion, I did not pay attention to my indignant cry. It seems that it was not up to the job ...
-Kat, - She said thoughtfully, apparently unaware grimace of pain on my face - I bought two vibrators ... When did he also verntsya, eh? I want - no strength ...
Then lover back.

-Kaat - Dreamily rolling her eyes, Anna issued somewhere in the beginning of August, sitting in front of me for a manicure table - Kaaat he taakoy ... he can ... and four times five ... and may even seven ... and the next night, too, ...
An hour later I reviewed not too dejected even manicure.

And then I went on vacation.
-Kaat - He told me in early September severely emaciated Anya podpilivaya my nails, but not looking at either a saw or the hand - never seen that man so much fucked, fucked, and anyway ... fuck!
Her eyes were almost feverish fire.
-ani - I said skeptically, considering a well disguised, but still noticeable dark circles under her eyes - Anh, in my opinion, you have to sleep ...
-Ugu - I did not hear it - it is a never-ending, Cach ...

-Kaat - Podsevshih voice she moaned to me about a week later - To get it!
-Anya - I quipped - can take out the battery?

Yesterday, I finally realized that Anya seems to be somewhere changed. From a normal, average girl, she turned into an obsession. And the only thing about her in recent months, we can say - it's sex.

You know, - she said to me - even when I realize that I have to get up early in the morning to work - still can not stop. I choose the sex, and not a dream. And I'm a little ...
maalo Anya looks like a sleeping chicken. In Anya's face leaving only the eyes. In the eyes - is nonsense and posture.
Talk with her about something other than sex - that is simply impossible. Went the fourth month ...

* * * * *
And I'm thinking now is that's how zhezh so, eh? It is the impact on the person sometimes has sex? And how much they can do in such a rhythm? Each time - for the first time.

Girls, but as you have, huh? Sometimes someone something like that, so do not care all that here want-I-can not - always, everywhere and all the time, when ready to give in the morning, afternoon and evening? And that for so long? ..

© Catherine Nameless



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