These 10 habits you meet only our people. Number 3 - right in the bull's-eye!

Sure, every family has its own traditions and customs that protect as the apple of the eye. But, as experience shows, there are a number of rituals, ceremonies, and activities that do all (or almost all) the inhabitants of the former Soviet Union. It simply is public property, which is transmitted from generation to generation. But in these habits and exhibit a wide soul of our people.

It invites you to see a list of habits that you meet only our rights. I am sure everyone will be able to catch yourself thinking that this is about it. Admit it, you've probably at least once in your life do something like that? Before you is the truth that is so do our people. And try to say that it is not so!

1. We're talking long and complex toast. B>
Only the laziest people on our open spaces will say a toast "For your health!" Or something like that. We do love instructive stories and funny jokes. And another drinking bout - is a great way to demonstrate to all their public speaking skills. Because we always have something to say.

2. We dress up before going to the store. B>
Poor, we can only look at home. When it comes to going to the store, out of the closet gets the best dress and heels. One can not look zamuhryshki the neighbors think? And it is our desire to look good just fine!

3. We love to sit down for a minute before any trip. B>
When all things are collected, the suitcases are on the threshold, we do not forget about one important detail: to sit down on the track. Moreover, squat all those who are currently in the house, regardless of whether they are going somewhere or not. It's a successful trip! Frankly, many do not like this tradition, considering it a relic of paganism, but the minute elementary gives respite in turmoil fees. A good moment to breathe easily and hit the road!

4. We never go to visit without a gift. B>
In fact, no matter what you bring: cake, candy, flowers, a bottle of champagne or a cake for tea. The main thing is you did not come empty-handed. Such traditions have.

5. We tell stories whenever possible. B>
Only our people can begin to tell the story and in the middle to exclaim: "Oh, it's like that joke!" And do not forget to retell this gem of folk wisdom, even if you know it by heart. After all, we love to laugh.

6. We congratulate each other after a shower or sauna. B>
Although it would be logical to wish each other a couple of easy to hike in the bath or shower, we say, "Enjoy Your Bath!" Only after the warm up. Such is our nature.

7. We respond deployed to the question: "How are you?ยป. B>
If foreigners to the classic question, "How are you?" Answer two or three words, then we have the opposite. If we ask if everything is okay, only our people can give an answer for half an hour. After all, we are always ready to turn the soul inside out.

8. We are not strangers smile. B>
We do not smile to all who met on the way. It and is clear: how do you know that for this man, and whether he is your smile. But to enjoy the family, friends and friends - it is another matter. In them we have no doubt!

9. We never throw out bags. B>
Only in our area there is a cult of the package. Just because we can meet in the homes of already legendary bag packages, which go even jokes. But here we are in store for some reason, we forget to take them, and bring every time after the completion of the collection of purchases.

10. We celebrate the New Year in a big way, than Christmas. B>
The main winter holiday after New Year. To him all the presents bought, covered table and dresses up Christmas tree. But Christmas in our latitudes do not celebrate such a large scale.

Read on and you wonder how subtly noticed all of our daily habits. In no case should not think that we are doing something wrong. These actions - the mirror of our temperament. It is good that there are things in the world that sets us apart from others. In this we all have.

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