5 false truths which has inspired us

The truth does not cease to exist because it is ignoredIn 1914, the great inventor Thomas Edison suffered a crushing blow. His entire laboratory was burned to the ground, lost the results of several years of work. The newspaper described the situation as "the worst thing to happen in the life of Edison".

But it was a lie!


Edison looked at the incident not as all. Instead, the inventor decided that this circumstance gives him a Golden opportunity to rebuild and to rethink most of his current work. Said that in fact Edison soon the fire said, "Thank God, burned all our mistakes. Now we can start with a clean slate." And that was exactly what he was doing with his team.

Think about how it relates to your life. How many times have you heard that this is the end, when in fact it was the beginning? How many times have you put a cross on his secret hopes?

Today I call you to be like those of our students whom we have helped over the past decade, and challenge the lies you have been fed for many years. And we start with the five most common deceptions.


1. You need to make the right choice, and never from him not refuse.

The idea that you need to begin to make the right choices is literally embedded in the education system of our society. We send our children to University when they turn 17 or 18 years, but say that they chose that path they will be happy for the next 40 years. I remember thinking to myself: "what if my choice turns out to be wrong?"And it turned out well, not once.

Having experienced for many years and setbacks, and difficulties through personal experience I learned the truth: you can change your life in any moment you want. Yes, start from the beginning, and it is often beautiful. Of course, it's never easy, but nobody devotes his entire life to the career he naively chose as a teenager. And no one holds what does not fit him.

The truth is that you can't win chess by making only moves forward; sometimes to put yourself in a more advantageous position, you should retreat. And this is a great metaphor for life. And there are three little words that can release you from your past mistakes and regrets.These are the words: "Do it now..."

So... what should you do now?

Something. Something small. As long as you do not stop it continues to sit in your chair, you'll be tied to that fate, which does not consider their. If you mess up somewhere, start again. Try something else. Stand up and do something!

Try a little less focus on the future and a little more focus on what you can do now, and that in any case will benefit you. Read. Write. Learn and practice useful skills. Test your skills and ideas. Be adventurous and live the real events. Develop healthy relationships. These efforts will help in any case, regardless of which opportunities will provide you with the future.

Summary: when life is not going as planned, just breathe and remember that life is rich because of its unpredictability. Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that circumstances will never be the same as before, and that the end of one thing is always the beginning of another.

2. Discomfort is undesirable.

Discomfort is a form of pain, but it's not a deep pain, it is a slight inconvenience. That's the feeling you get when you step outside of your comfort zone. In the minds of many people, for example, stuck the idea that exercise is uncomfortable, so they do not do it. The use of spinach and lettuce also brings discomfort.

In fact, we have to understand that most forms of discomfort in reality help us become stronger and smarter. However, many of us were raised by very loving parents who tried to make our child as comfortable as possible. As a result, we grew up with a subconscious feeling that we do not need the discomfort in our lives, and we are constantly avoiding it.

In the end, we are stuck in an exhausting cycle. As an example, consider diet and exercise...

• First of all, due to the fact that a healthy diet and exercise bring us discomfort, we lose health.Instead of exercise we choose comfort food and mindless TV shows.

• But poor health also causes discomfort, so we strive to distract yourself from thinking about our unhealthy bodies. To this end, we eat more junk food and more occupied himself ill the day we go shopping to buy things that we don't really want and don't need. And our discomfort only grows.

Surprisingly, the simple act of daily taking a small dose of discomfort can solve most of our problems in the long term and make us much happier, healthier and stronger.

The truth is, there is no one person able to meekly endure all the blows that life brings. We do not. We get upset, sad, stumble and sometimes fall. Because it's part of life, and it is also a discomfort. We learn it and with time learn to adapt to it. This is what ultimately shape a personality in us.

If you sit in isolation and are unable to find a way out of the darkness, remember that this is similar to the cocoon, where the caterpillar grows wings.

3. Grief is a burden that devastates us.

You may have heard that prolonged grief undermines health. I say this because I was taught this back when I was a teenager. In a car accident killed my dear friend. At first everybody sympathized with my tears, but it was weeks and months, and I often told myself that it was time to forget. I remember someone said to me: "the Tears in this case will not help". But that's not true. I needed to cry. Tears were slowly watered the seeds of my recovery. And I recovered, and became a much stronger, kinder and wiser than I was ever before.

Ten years later, life still has twice given me this lesson: the first time – when my angel survived the death of her older brother Todd, who committed suicide, and the second one just died a month later from asthma our common best friend Josh.

Through the grief of losing loved ones, I received the gift of awareness... the awareness that each of us will lose someone we love, and that this reality is a necessity.

As humans we often meet with grief, and it helps us to stay human. For example, angel once told me: "My brother will die for the rest of my life, but it's okay – it makes me closer to him." In this way, the angel reminded me that grief does not go unnoticed. Step by step, breath by breath by breath, it becomes part of us. And it becomes a healthy part.

It looks like a broken ankle, which always starts to hurt when you dance, but you still continue to dance, albeit limping slightly.

4. Everything we experience in life personally is a reality.

At a young age, we often doubt the stories and rumors we hear from other people, but we always believe that personally see, hear or touch. In other words, if we see it with our eyes, hear with your ears or touch with our own hands, it is an absolute truth. But although this assumption may seem logical, it is not always the case.

All the people are some of his internal dialogues, have their own thoughts, and it has a big impact on how we interpret real-life events. We subconsciously look for things in accordance with our inner feelings, and it means that what we see, hear, or feel is not always the same thing that exists in reality. This is one of the main reasons why several different people can see the same event quite differently. Each of us imposes on the overall look of your unique story – your internal dialogue – and it changes our feelings, so each of us has a slightly different idea of what just happened. And sometimes that small difference makes all the difference in the world.

Perspective is everything!

In a sense, the stories we tell ourselves tend to narrow our perspective. When we talk about some event, we're talking about what I saw personally. This phenomenon reminds me of the old parable in which a group of blind men decided to touch an elephant to learn what it is. Each of them touched different parts – legs, torso, trunk, or Tusk. When they then began to describe the elephant, their stories were completely different.

Something similar happens with us. Someone thinks that he is absolutely heartbroken. Some of us lost their parents, brothers, sisters or children as a result of an accident or illness. Someone had to deal with infidelity. Someone was fired from work. Some of us have been discriminated against because of our gender or race. And when we are confronted with some new event which awakens in us painful memories, we interpret it in accordance with its past negative experience and it narrows our view.

Let this be a call for you! Next time, when you feel emotional struggle, ask yourself:

• How would I explain this event?

• Can I be absolutely sure that my story is true?

• How I feel when I talk about what happened?

• Is it possible otherwise to tell about what happened?

Give yourself the opportunity to look wider, think it through more carefully. And keep in mind in advance the answer that was correct, and what is not.

5. Bad habits very difficult to break up.

For most of us (for example, for those who can not cope with clinical depression), changing our habits is a simple process. People who say that it is not usually just looking for excuses. They always want the task became 100% easier, no matter how easy it is now.It is always easier to do nothing than to do something. It is always easier to complain and not act. Sometimes it is frustrating but it is worth doing. It is worth reminding ourselves that changing habits is only a question of desire.Just remember your actions and replace one small action of others.

Why do you do what you do?

The collective answer to this question is simple:

Like most people, you don't know how to cope with stress and boredom healthy and effective way.

Yes, most of your bad habits formed as a way of dealing with stress and boredom – you'll come away from reality instead of accepting it. And these habits have been formed, not in one moment, then, and go they will not immediately. Did you acquire them through repeated actions, and the only way to change them is through repetition – make small, simple, gradual changes.

For starters, let's look at five extremely common bad habits:

• A waste of time

• Unhealthy diet

• Watching TV or playing video games for hours a day

• Constant shopping for things that you don't need

• General passivity and lack of exercise

And here are some new habits that you can use to gradually replace them with:

• Take the situation under control, start with the first small steps that will not require you to strain

• Start eating healthy food that you really like

• Spend more time playing with family members or friends

• When you are bored – dance, play a musical instrument, read, write or do the thing that gives you pleasure

• Walking, Jogging, Hiking, Biking or swimming

Then, once your brain get used to the idea that you are ready for change in your life, just follow these simple steps:

1. Select one new habit and start to follow it very little – just five minutes a day.

2. Initiate its social responsibility through Facebook, Instagram and so on. Tell us about those small changes you make, then ask someone to check you regularly (preferably daily) to make sure that you are on the right track.

3. Decide the key points – for example, when you enter the house after work – and then do your new habit every time that moment comes.

4. Appreciate your new habit, keep track of those little bits of progress that will appear – for example, simply put a checkmark on the calendar every time you complete your classes; build a visual chain and make sure it is not interrupted.

5. After you feel comfortable from your five minutes a day, increase the time: first to seven, then to ten minutes, and so on.

In reality it is all that is required of you – at least at a basic level. So try not to waste your time and energy on resistance to change in your life. Instead, spend the time and energy to begin to acquire a new habit, one action a day, one small step at a time.

Let's go back to where we started this article...

... again ask these questions:

How many times have you heard that this is the end, when in fact it was the beginning?

How many times have you put a cross on his secret hopes?

How many times in your early years, you heard people lie that Edison in their difficult days would be called a bluff?

Think for a moment.

Remind yourself that the truth does not cease to exist because it is ignored.

When truth is ignored, consciously or subconsciously, it only complicates your life! And there's absolutely no reason to do it. There is no reason to burden yourself with old lies and half-truths.

See the truth, speak the truth and live in truth is incredibly important, always!

Your move...posted


@ Marc Chernoff

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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