How to look like a million without having a million

No matter how much you earn - if you prioritize, you can easily distribute an aura of strength and confidence, which is usually associated with bogatstvom.Di Giusto more than twenty years working in the personnel management department before decided to become an image consultant and start his own company. The firm advises company directors seeking to improve their appearance, and professionals interested in advancing in the ranks.

Website publish some tips chosen on the basis of an interview with di Giusto, and by Oliver Vicki book "Handbook of millionaire: how to look and act like a millionaire even if you they are not a »

Invest in clothes by the rule of one-third of every man in the locker room should be at least one good suit, and every woman -. at least one good jacket and matching skirt or trousers it. According to Di Giusto, things have to be expensive - it's your investment in good appearance. Di Giusto says: "The more earn my clients, the more expensive their clothes»

. The main thing - the thing should be good-quality. She advises to look for things in the Designer Outlet and on their websites.

Oliver wrote in his book about the "rule of one third of the": "We need to reduce the number of items purchased to ⅓, while the price of each of them should be three times higher»

. So the next time do not buy three pairs of pants - buy one, but expensive, and walk in them

Work through every detail -. Up to cover smartfonaKak something for an interview to Di Giusto came a young man. He looked great, answered correctly to all questions. But then, at the end of the interview, he pulled out his iPhone, to record-in calendar. Di Giusto immediately caught my eye, that cover the phone flaunts obscene word. It called into question the whole interview. In the end, she still took it to work, but the first impression was hopelessly flawed.

Di Giusto advises: "If you are serious about your image, remember that it manifests itself not only in dress but also in-detail." It includes and your workplace, and accessories, and even the cover of the smartphone.

Let your style corresponds to the professional field, but allow yourself to one "informal" aksessuarOchevidno that, regardless of the dress code of the company where you are running, choose clothes according to their profession. Di Giusto advises: do not try at all costs to stand out from the rest. If you work in finance, dress in a conservative style; if you are involved in the technology industry, allow yourself some informal clothing. A good rule is: pay attention to how to dress up the leaders of your company and take an example from them

. But, of course, does not need to all look the same and boring, like clones. Di Giusto recommends that you select a specific item, which will be relevant in the working environment and still accentuate your style. One of its client - the CEO - is a traditional dark suit, but always picks up him vivid shirt or tie unusual

Remember that "everyday" does not mean "sloppy" The problem with the casual style is that. , in contrast to the "formal" style, it is very difficult to determine. Di Giusto says: "Most people think that casual - this is when it does not matter that you are wearing." In fact, casual style - a business-image-diluted couple daily detail. For example, Barack Obama is the work he takes off his jacket and tie and rolls up his sleeves. You can go even further - to replace trousers jeans on a figure, but do not deviate too much from the usual business style

. The basic rule di Giusto for casual style is as follows: it can easily be converted back to-business. You can dress pretty routinely, but bring along a jacket. If suddenly there important meeting - throw in his jacket, and ready

Less parfyumaZapah in any case should not be strong enough to distract interlocutor of what you say, whether Giusto said.. She says: "If you do smell of her perfume, then you have gone too far with them." Interestingly, in some countries, this rule does not apply - for example, in Italy and France made a very generous use perfume. But in Russia, it should be just a little mark fragrance perfume.

Be confident, even if your way there are some nedostatkiImenno through confidence people spread a special feeling of strength and power. The main thing - not to undermine that confidence. Keep scrubbing soul the idea that someone will notice taken away from the jacket button, will only lead to the fact that it really pay attention. Similarly, if you somehow decide in the morning that you have yellow teeth, it is likely that others will think so too.

No matter what the problem - and do not worry about it, or take action to resolve it. If you are not confident in you, too, no one will believe.

To dress to look vysheOliver writes that "we are subconsciously drawn to the high leaders, because the growth attributed to the authorities." But if nature has not endowed you with this advantage, create the illusion of tall. Women can wear high heels, not ballet flats or sneakers, and men - to choose clothes of dark tones. People of small stature is more than fitting clothes monochrome colors

Good sleep promotes healthy viduNu and finally, you need to develop a clear sleep schedule -. Thanks to this skin will always look healthy and radiant. Oliver advises for a few days to observe how your performance is related to how many hours you slept the night before. She writes: "Once you determine for yourself the ideal number of hours of sleep, try to stick to it, even on weekends. Train yourself to always to go to bed and get up at the same

time. " via


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