"Apples" by Paul Cezanne sold for $ 41, 6 million

most expensive lot auction "Impressionist and Modern Art" auction house Sotheby's, held on May 7 was the painting "Apples" postimpressionist Paul Cezanne. The painting was sold for $ 41, 6 million Estimé at $ 25- $ 35 million. For $ 25, 9 million went under the hammer Amedeo Modigliani painting "Amazon". "Apples" and "Amazon" offered for sale to American collectors, Alex and Elizabeth Leviticus, which, according to the statement, listing the proceeds in its in charity. The painting "Landscape La Ciotat" by Georges Braque was sold for $ 15, 8 million. For $ 15, 2 million left "The Thinker" by Auguste Rodin, he created in 1906 by order of the American publisher Ralph Pulitzer. Painting Cubist Fernand Leger "Three Women for red table" went for $ 7, 1 million. It was put up for auction singer Madonna, who bought the painting in 1990. Money raised from the sale of paintings, Madonna plans to give the charity fund "Ray of Light". At Sotheby's auction was sold three works by Pablo Picasso. This sculpture "Silvett" ($ 13, 6 million), as well as the painting "Bust of a Man" ($ 9, 6 million) and "Siesta (reapers)" ($ 1, 3 million). Also on May 7 were sold following works: "Pear blossom" ($ 8, 5 million) and "Autumn in Zhefoss" ($ 4, 8 million) Claude Monet; Marc Chagall "The animal in colors" ($ 4, 7 million); Berthe Morisot "Woman with a Fan" ($ 4, 4 million); Pierre Auguste Renoir "Vase with Peonies" ($ 3, 1 million); Chaim Soutine "Eve" ($ 1, 8 million). The total volume of Sotheby's auction in this time amounted to about $ 230 million.


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