As a living system Paul Bragg?

The system Paul Bragg was well tested and proven by him!

Paul Bragg beautifully said, "What you are today, tomorrow, next week, next month, and in ten years, just depends on what you eat. You - is the amount of food that you eat. How do you feel what it looks like, feel like your age, it depends on what you eat. Every part of your body is constructed of food - his hair, eyes, teeth, bones, blood and flesh. Even the expression of your face is made up of what you eat, because healthy people - a happy man. »

A great man is great in everything. He lives with dignity, bringing the joy and benefit of yourself and others. Paul Bragg lived a bright, rich life, like the fabulous Danko from the cartoon, which tore my heart out of my chest and light the way to others. A lot of grateful followers still productively use the system Paul Bragg for the recovery and improve the quality of their lives.

What was so special about this man that his words and now carry a positive charge, courage and confidence in the fact that people can actually own, to make their own health! For, indeed, to our deep regret, health can not be bought or accept a gift from a magical fairy, you can create only their own hard work. To succeed in such a case, how to strengthen their health, we need a purposeful system. It is not possible once and for all to become healthy and full of vitality. This is an ongoing process that requires effort from us and some of the victims. But, but, as an excellent result!

Paul Bragg called himself a "millionaire Health»!
Only depends on us how we will live in harmony and obey harmonious laws of nature. Remember the conventional phrase: "Ignorance of the law is no excuse"? Mankind has been in space, created cell phones, computers, plunged into the deep bowels of our earth - Mother ...
But if people become healthier and happier? Do they really «Happe body -Health and happy body"? With sadness we can say that in general - not. Because so especially admire people who are really able to create this little miracle! The miracle of his life! People like Paul Bragg is rather an exception to the rule.

But how it all began ...

Paul was born a sickly child, almost sentenced to death. Even fun activities and games for children with peers were unavailable to him from - heart disease. For good measure, "joy" to this added tuberculosis of both lungs, and in fact he was only 12 years old!

Doctors have lost all hope of saving his life. ...
Only Dr. Rollier helped him to 16 - year Bragg completely recovered after the course of treatment in a wonderful pension in Switzerland. Dr. Rollier helps to heal their patients with a special diet and exercise in the fresh air. Paul Bragg was so happy with his healing, he promised to dedicate his entire life medicine!
He has written many books on various fields of medicine. Here's one of them:

system Paul Bragg
"I'm healthy 365 days a year, I do not have any pain, fatigue, decrepitude of the body. And you can achieve the same results! "- Wrote Paul Bragg.
Can you imagine? Fantastic! Wake up easily and happily, live each day without weakness, pressure surges without the discomfort that aching teeth, kidney and whiskey nasty squeezes hoop pain during magnetic storms and many other deviations from the active, healthy state. Wow!

At the same time, Paul Bragg believed that a person simply can not, and has the full right and duty to live up to 120 years or more!

My grandmother '82. She has several years I do not get off the couch. Sleeps even clothing. Browsing. She had problems with his feet, that is terrible swell. However, it never ceases to absorb large quantities of meat, eggs, sweets and did not try to change anything. Because she believes that this is part of the old age. And when doctors at the beginning of foot problems is strongly advised her at least a little, but walking around the apartment, do exercises for her unworldly ears it sounded like a blasphemous expletives. The consciousness determines being ...

At the time, as Paul Bragg in his 90 years of daily made three - five-kilometer run, went into the mountains, swimming, exercise, actively enjoys surfing, dancing, playing tennis! This amazing person to work 12 hours a day, actively helping people, led medical practice and research. He was always eager to help people, optimism and joy.

Now, remember our seniors that we see on the street, in shops, in the subway. Dull eyes, often where the light is not wisdom, and kindness, and anger at the world. That's right, a sick man - unhappy man. And, indeed, a bad tooth outweighs the strongest positive attitude. Of course, every rule has its exceptions. St. Seraphim of Sarov, for example, ate grass goutweed for many years, and was sick, and then he comes to the aid of higher forces and help healing. And we, ordinary people, often more attention to somehow pay its appearance, its home favorite furry than the one and only body.

And it is largely a "merit" of the society adopted the rituals and conventions, imposed upon us from childhood.

You drink vodka with the head (or eat a cake with the head) - a man, and if you have different eating habits - a stranger. He walks a guy with a bottle of beer on the street, all right, and the tired man relaxes after work, and if the park Sormovo old ladies running around barefoot utrechka - seen as insane. Over time, and get used to it, of course.

In his 90 years Paul Bragg was flexible and tough, agile, like a young man, and we have many young men - like povyadshie, faded plant. And the girls are like buds of bright colors that do not have time to blossom and immediately began to wither. Sad.

Paul Bragg was determined and wanted to live happily, surrounded by beloved family, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and students. Ah, if it were not for the giant wave covered him off the Florida coast in December 1976 while riding a surfboard! Death came for him at this moment! Now, imagine yourself familiar grannies and grandpa on a surfboard! Happened? I have to work. Tragicomedy will ...

The autopsy pathologist stated that his heart, blood vessels and internal organs were in excellent condition! As they say, I take my hat! (If I had one, well, mentally rented :))

So what's the secret of success of Paul Bragg? What is its formula of perfection?

The system Paul Bragg.
Paul Bragg has built its own system of natural healing on the pillars:

 - Cleaning of starvation;

-rational power;

-physical exercises;


 - Proper mental disposition.

Please note that only the regular follow throughout the health system can help you restore your health.

Paul Bragg strongly says to avoid foods that have passed industrial processing. Your food should be natural, contain at least (and generally better without her) salt, synthetic additives and refined sugar. And 60% of your diet let up fruits and vegetables, especially raw.

Do not get carried away with meat or eat it at least no more than 3 - 4 times a week.

Much attention is paid Paul Bragg improving employment, training, physical movements.

Who has health has weakened, it is advised to start with a walk. Walking - the Queen exercises as he called it.

An important component of improving the system Paul Bragg: the ability to properly relax and go for long walks in the fresh air.

Revitalizing starvation.
Bragg repeatedly points to the enormous role of the health of fasting, during which you can drink only distilled water. During the famine in the body releases a large amount of energy previously used in the digestion of food. With improving fasting person can clean your body of toxins and poisons. Paul Bragg advised to start holding weekly fasting for 24 - 36 hours, and only then gradually move on to more long-term starvation.

Long-term fasting is best done under the supervision of a doctor, a specialist or a person who held their own and well-versed in this. Bragg advises during medical starvation just to relax, to sleep. However, if you have the need to move, you can walk, move around.

These are the main pillars of health, so to speak, the formula of perfection that a wise man and a wonderful doctor, Paul Bragg.

"Money can buy a bed but not sleep; food, but not appetite; medicine, but no health; house but not a home; book, but not the mind; decoration, but no beauty; a luxury, but not culture; Entertainment, but no happiness; religion but not salvation ».

Paul Bragg.


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