In honor of the birth of Pablo Picasso

«If I went into the army, I would have become general. But I went to the artists, and became Picasso. " © heard of him, perhaps, even in the most remote corners of the globe. Creation of this peculiar genius of the twentieth century, not everyone likes, but talent can not be hidden, and even opponents can not Picasso was not respected. His success can envy, it does have a lot to learn.

In honor of the 132 th birthday of Picasso Website is the most interesting facts from the life of the artist.

Newborn saved Picasso smoke from cigars

Left: Pablo Picasso, 1886, right: Pablo Picasso with his sister Lola, 1889

Deliveries were heavy, and the child was born so weak that the midwife finds him stillborn. She left it on the table and went to tell his mother the bad news. Rescued the child luck - his uncle, Don Salvador, smoked cigars, and saw the baby lying on the table, let the smoke in his face. Newborn grimaced and went into mourning. If it were not smoking, Pablo Picasso would not be born as a famous artist.

The first word was "pencil» «I could draw like Raphael, but instead spent a lifetime to learn to draw like a child». Em>

Left: Pablo Picasso, at age 15, in 1896, right: archive photo of Picasso at the age of 23 years, in 1904

Little Pablo learned to draw before speaking, and his first word was "pencil» (piz, abbreviated by lapiz, which in Spanish means "pencil"). When he was 7, his father, an artist and professor of art, began to teach him drawing. Soon he saw that his son excel in this art, and vowed to give up painting. Entrance exams to art school in Barcelona Picasso passed in one day, while the rest of the month passed.

The first drawings

Left: "Picador", right: "First Communion»

At 9 years old Picasso painted his first finished drawing - "Picador» (Le picador), depicting a rider on a horse involved in bullfighting. The first "academic", that is quite mature now, Pablo completed 15 years. It is called "First Communion» (First Communion), and depicts his father, mother and sister at the altar.

Picasso - unbearable uchenik

Modigliani, Picasso, and André Salmon in front of the cafe Rotonde, Paris, 1916

At school, where he studied, Pablo often placed in a special detention center - «calaboose» for the disgusting attitude towards teachers. It was a room with white walls and a bench to sit and reflect on their behavior. The future artist used a "confinement" for drawing, where no one was distracting. According to the artist, he would never get out of this room, and draw, draw.

Passion for women «Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I look at things through the prism of love». Em>

None of the great artists were not so many novels and loved ones, how many of them had Pablo Picasso. Women needed him like air, they maintained the fire of his talent.

Pablo Picasso, his first love Fernande Olivier and Khakin Reventos, Barcelona, ​​1906

Picasso and his first wife, the ballerina Olga Khokhlova, against the background of the poster of the ballet Parade, 1917

From left: Marie-Therese Walter the dog to his mother, 1932

Picasso met Marie-Therese Walter in Galeries Lafayette in Paris. It became a model for his painting Le Rêve - «Dream" or "Dream", one of the most famous masterpieces by Picasso. The picture was painted in one day.

In 2006, the casino owner Steve Wynn has agreed to sell the painting for $ 139 million, but inadvertently pushing the canvas with his elbow before the transaction was completed.

Left: Picasso and Francoise Gilot, 1941, right: their two children, Claude and Paloma Picasso, 1951

When Picasso met with Francoise Gilot, she was 21, and he was - for forty years more. She was the only woman who left him herself, went to live: to become a renowned artist, to raise children.

Picasso and his second wife, Jacqueline Roque, dancing in front of the painting "Bathers", 1957

The most expensive kartina

"Boy with a Pipe." It sold for $ 104 million, 4 May 2004

The picture was painted at the hostel Le Bateau-Lavoir in Montmartre 24-year-old Picasso, in the so-called "pink period" of his work. It depicts an unknown boy with a pipe in his left hand, and with a crown of roses on his head.

Like Picasso's Cubism invented

Left: "Guitarist", in 1910, Picasso cubist, right: "Portrait of Dora Maar", 1938

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, 1907

In 1909, Pablo Picasso and French painter Georges Braque (Georges Braque) invented a new direction in art, known as Cubism. More specifically, it came up with the French critic Louis Vaucelles (Louis Vauxcelles), who first called the work "a strange cubes» (bizarre cubiques), or Cubism, noting that the work of Picasso's "full of little cubes».

Picasso - is not only an artist «I always do what I do not know how to learn it». Em>

Sculpture "Chicago Picasso", made in 1967

Although the fame he has received for his paintings, Picasso experimented with sculpture, ceramics, graphics. He even designed the curtain, the sets and costumes for several ballets. Picasso wrote poetry and was the author of two plays.

Machine Pikasso

Not really his car, but the car is his style. Mechanic Andy Saunders (Andy Saunders) from Dorset, England, spent six months in the tuning of his old Citroen 2CV in the style of "cubism". Sanders calls the car "Citroen Picasso».

Secret masterstva

Once on the local market to Pablo Picasso woman came up and handed him a piece of paper.

- Mr. Picasso - she said excitedly, - I am your big fan. Could you draw something for me? Em>

Picasso happily agreed and quickly imprinted on this paper your work of art. With a smile, he returned the woman the paper and said: em>

- It will cost a million dollars. em>

- But Mr. Picasso, - said the woman in amazement - you spent some 30 seconds to paint this miniature masterpiece! em>

- A good woman - grinned back Picasso, - I have spent 30 years to paint this masterpiece in 30 seconds. em>

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