Picasso more than all

Painting by Pablo Picasso's "Nude, green leaves and bust" in 1932 sold at auction at Christie's for 106, 482 million dollars. Thus, it polotono set an absolute record price for the works of art ever sold at auction. Again, Picasso - the most expensive artist. In February 2010, it has shifted from the auction of Olympus sculpture by Alberto Giacometti "Walking Man", which was sold at Sotheby's 65 million pounds. First six years Picasso was the undisputed champion. The painting "Nude, green leaves and bust" was a gem of a collection philanthropist from Los Angeles Francis Lasker Brody, who bought it in the 50s. For many years, a masterpiece be available only to a select few. Last time she was exposed to the public in 1961. Selling Picasso opened the auction season in New York. This kick-start a great testimony to the fact that the art market crisis has left behind.


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