We go once with my daughter (4 years) on a busy avenue. Sitting on the sidewalk homelessly form the subject, such as playing the accordion and that is urine type sings.

Very poor guy trying, as ragged fur hat just some little thing, and the tube can be seen for a long time already lit, well, like, and tolchek soon closed. Do not go to the girls married Ivan Ivan Cousin Cousin Big kukuruzina child, of course, understands everything literally.
 - And why, if he has grown big kukuruzina, it is impossible for him to get married?
While I strained my imagination in search of a suitable response she utters:
 - I think it is so big that can not fit in your mouth. Why did she need, I ask?
I somehow found the strength to hold back, but going for us is a very intelligent-looking woman sat down already.


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