In the girl wrote. About men. I do not agree)

Men leads in awe mention of women's logic. Trembling, they begin to roll, hysterical laugh and poke a finger at someone who dared to do the words "woman" and "logic" in one sentence. But well, I myself something they consider a highly logical and reasonable. But the logic of the male figure is also very difficult.

For example, to get a piece of bread softened from the kitchen sink, the man put on the gloves, take two forks and will be long and hard to fish out him out, averting his eyes in disgust. Then he shall wash his hands with soap and water at least 2 times, dip the fork in "comets", and another week will shudder at the thought of this disgusting event. But the wheel of his beloved car, which drove God knows for what the dog poop and sewage spills, he grabbed with both hands without the slightest hesitation. Moreover, he also lobyznut it can tide of tenderness, and the heart to squeeze.
 It is - it is logical?

Or here's another. He can not show a week and did not call while you sit at home and wait persistently. But as soon as he will carry the message to you somewhere to have fun together, he immediately pripretsya. And pripretsya time so that you're not going anywhere. And after half an hour when he will make sure that you have nowhere to get, with a clear conscience overthrow, citing the case. Well, just the iron logic.

Yes, here's another example. You sit alone in a room. He plunged into the ears of the newspaper was read well, just as a first-grader Murzilki. You somehow have nothing to do, and you turn on the TV. He immediately catches Moodle includes news or football, and then again to stick his newspaper. When you try to switch to something more interesting for you because of the cries of the newspaper begins to bear on what is interesting transmission, and in general who is the boss. Most interesting is that even if he sits down in front of the TV to 46 times per day to know that somewhere in the region of the thread Curves Settlement troops landed pioneers newspaper he will not give up. And do not expect. So you study ostochertevshie drawing on the wallpaper, listen at least ostochertevshie news, or go to the kitchen to pour "blizzard" in your favorite soup.

By the way, have you noticed how the men are observant? Xux every morning ... When you have your faithful wondered where he put his socks, and then close to hysteria. They even surprised. "Oh, how did you all notice?" Who the hell knows. But a well-known fact: the woman always remembers where near being a man put iron flourish 1x1, 5 mm, even if the saw is the edge of the 25th eyelashes, torn between cooking dinner, laundry, photo series and painting the door handle in the sky blue with a hint morning blue color. Now I know what came up garage. Otherwise, how would men find their cars? The city in fact so big! Gee .... The stronger sex ....

Oh, and the ability of man to the household? I remember a friend of mine insistently I asked why if he puts into the washing machine 2 of the sock, the only one ever gets. And if he should put it immediately 2 identical pairs of socks after washing to get one though, but staffed by a couple. I thought, he decided that the machine operates by devouring hosiery. God forbid that I was wrong. But the fact that his men did not have the logic to reflect on the process of wrapping a sock in a sheet and shaking out him outside in the drying process.

You just do not think that I do not like men. What are you, I just love them. These funny creatures! I just can not stand when they boast of their superiority, praised his mind, and women are treated as a sweet but brainless producers of their offspring.


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