10 tips for a good mood

1. That you always had good mood, learn to control yourself. Do not take offense at trifles, try not to argue with the people you love, forgive them. By forgiving, you get rid of anger and vengeful feelings which destroy in the first place yourself.

2. Try to look at the world with humor. Even if you are insulted or you were in a difficult situation, still smile and say to myself, "this too shall pass!". Incredibly, those who truly believe, indeed, everything bad goes away.

3. Not sitting at home, resenting the whole world! Make no mistake: on the street, in the company of friends and acquaintances in a bad mood does not happen. Proven!

4. Let your life novelty items. Psychologists recommend from time to time to modify steady habits – for example, start a new hobby or you could change the style of clothing. After all, you really will feel significant changes: for example, wearing heels will become higher, straighten up and (important!) will start to catch myself interested glances of the opposite sex. Nothing is positive in mood, as the attention of others.

5. Learn to relax. When performing some tedious work, think about something pleasant. For example, about the upcoming meeting with friends or loved ones. And help relax oil burner. Here is a list of essential oils that positively affect the mood and state of mind: Mandarin, orange, lemon, grapefruit, bergamot.

6. Enjoy a swim. Water helps the body to relax, increasing the tone and mood. In addition, the possibility of an accident or injury while swimming is minimal, unlike many other sports.

7. Stop, look, Sometimes people are trapped simply because they do not find time to think about whether they're going. It is time to restore order in the thoughts, purposes, and connections, just like you regularly do the cleaning in the room.

8. Treat life easier. In life there is always a place for heroism, but it is not always. Try to focus on what you are doing at the moment. This often contributes to success rather than the desire to assure the long-term result. Rejoice even small successes and small achievements. Life is too short to be sad and blame themselves.

9. Keep a sense of perspective. Life is movement, and what seems a tragedy today, perhaps tomorrow will raise a smile. No wonder they say – morning is wiser than evening.

10. Forget about the troubles. If you want to lie in bed and feel sorry for myself, it is better not to go on about this desire. “Move and your emotions also become more mobile, – said psychologist Marion Dilworth. – Watch the movie, do the cleaning... Remember: you are responsible for your feelings”.


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