Healthy dessert — pomegranate in white tea jelly


white tea



grapefruit pink

grapefruit white

In a small pot of hot water brew 2-3 bags of white tea and let it cool.

Clean the fruit from the rind and all the "film" and place on the bottom of the bowl.

In brewed tea, dissolve the gelatin completely, which is listed on the package.

Put it on medium heat and heat, stirring constantly. Interfere must continuously, not allowing gelatin to settle to the bottom of the pan. Warm as long as the tea will not remain bits and pieces (turn off the heat, not boiling).

Let the tea with the gelatin to cool, and fill with fruit.

To the dessert was sweeter – add sugar in our tea instead of grapefruit and pomegranate use apples or tangerines.

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