How to clean the shoes

Real masters know how to turn a banal activity like brushing boots into art. Some of them are willing to share secrets of the craft than we are used now offer you the set of rules of care for the shoes, be they leather, suede or patent.
How to clean leather shoes


The whole process takes slightly more time than brushing your teeth. First shoes need to shake off the dust, sand and small stones will scratch the precious surface by polishing. Shake off the dust need with tenderness and thoughts about the fate of Rockefeller.

Then boots should be clean from dirt and traces of old cream. With this purpose, the Shoe industry produces a special shampoo, but if this progress is somehow not touched, use the usual windshield wiper, he copes not worse — wet them a napkin and wipe off first one Shoe and then while it dries another. (Once again: never wash shoes with water.)

Dried the shoes are well apply the fat of a mink and let it soak — it is perfectly repels water and prevents the skin from decay.

Next comes the crucial part — the cream. Before the cleaners themselves put it, everyone had a secret recipe. Now shortage of creams (unlike shiners) not felt. If shoes are new, you can use a colorless cream. But over time, the color of the shoes fades, so you need to refresh. Tone cream should be slightly lighter tone Shoe, in any case not darker. To test the tone, we must first a little bit to lubricate the heel — there is possible mistakes will be less noticeable. Making sure that everything is in order, continue to smear across the surface with gentle, circular movements.

Umasa boots cream, you cannot forget about walking along the sides of the welts, the upper part of soles and heels before. Least likely in lubrication needs a tongue, but it should be from time to time to honor.

Best with the next step — polishing — doing horse tail or if it is under the hand, brush of the horsehair. Which best describes the rhyme "here and there", start polishing the shoes dried, but without the extra push. You need to continue until then, as long as the brush does not start to literally fly on the glossy surface of the skin.

Then comes right in the polishing cloth — a piece of velvet fabric. She smooths striped traces of horse hair and gives the Shoe a majestic Shine.

How to clean suede shoes

The dust does not pass, and suede, and its designed to shake the brush, eight out of the skin. Not that there was still some seven brushes, just a cleaning surface that resembles a few several eights.

Having dealt with the dust, do not rush to grab the shampoo — chamois (and its relative nubuck) can't stand the liquid. To get rid of dirt will help emery rubber, like an eraser. A shampoo can be washed sole.

The role plays of the cream spray. Can get it too color: brown, blue, etc. If you are confident in your ability to color differentiation, take colorless. Cream, like shampoo, lubricated only sole, and a toothbrush.

Greased and polished the sole, gently brush-eight safesite suede cloth in the direction that gave him originally a Shoe factory.

How to clean rubber and varnish shoes

In the first case primitive: you have to use a shampoo and allow the shoes to dry. Lacquer same boots are cleaned in the manner of leather, with the exception of mink oil. And the cream will need no wax and silicone.

Each color of shoes needs to have a set of brushes (ideally, they obtained at least four)

5 reference of boards of Daler Palvanova, Shoe cleaner from the Ritz-Carlton

Shoes requires manual whateverest live shiners everywhere now machines with large brushes. And it is fraught: slipping your shoes on these hairy cushions, you did not really clean only pants can stain. Welts, tongue and heel counter — all of this remains unanswered. In the end you get a shiny toe, and soon collapsed from the ingrained dirt and reagents boot.

Leather sole — more fat

Do not wear winter shoes leather sole. Water, along with the entire chemical table, what a generous mitten sow wipers, instantly absorbed into the skin, the poison quickly rises higher and again you bare, as a zealous follower of Rousseau. But if the leather sole is your unwavering passion, and often abundant saturate it with fat mink.

You need to clean all

Shoes, boots, sandals, galoshes, I even slates were brought. And once the customer walks in shoes made of fish scales. I understand this is a challenge. Of course, by the time I have had experience elephant, dog, crocodile and even pig skin with pimples — but the fish swam for the first time. I was very delicate, the slightest movement against the scales — and Hello. But all went well.

Assemble the bench

Don't wear every day the same pair. You must be at least two working schedule "two by two". While in one you cross urban landscapes, the other waiting for their turn with the pads inside. Generally the rule is to put pads in the shoes, even if you take them off only at night. Otherwise they will lose shape, upturned noses and very soon cease to communicate with you. Yes, and you do not want to have anything to do.

Wear galoshes

The best means to protect shoes in our country are not invented and do not need.



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