How to restore the body after chemotherapy

Each patient had experienced chemotherapy, it is proposed to adopt simple tips to restore the body, particularly for healthy hair, liver, immune system. Chemotherapy is a common method to treat certain infectious and parasitic diseases, and cancer. This technique has been used for over 2-3 decades and successfully used in countries such as Russia, USA, Israel, Germany, Canada, etc.

Indications and side effects

Most often chemotherapy is used as the main method of treatment. Mostly this happens when cancer and various tumors that are detected in the later stages of formation. Also chemotherapy may be indicated before surgical intervention and after it. It should be noted that this method does not only positively affect the course of treatment, but also can affect various systems and organs of the human body. Among the side effects that occur after chemotherapy treatment, the most common are the following: • change of formula of blood;
• increasing number of infectious diseases;
• partial or complete loss of hair;
• disruptions in the digestive system;
• toxic damage of the liver and other organs;
• changes for the worse-being and overall health.

Side effects that occur after chemotherapy, are divided into four stages:

First and second stage, as a rule, do not interfere with the basic treatment.
— In the event of the third stage it is recommended to stop for a while chemotherapeutic treatments. The continuation of treatment in this case is only possible after full or partial recovery.
The fourth stage of side effects of chemotherapy drugs poses a real threat to the life of the patient, so in this case, you must complete the discontinuation of treatment with chemotherapy and refraining from further use of this method.

One course of treatment have approximately six cycles of chemotherapy. Between each cycle must be a period (minimum three weeks), during which there is a restoration of various organs and tissues of the patient. And the treatment itself can last from four to ten months. After completion of treatment the patient shows a further rehabilitation and restoration activities. Methods of recovery

There are several types of measures for recovery of the body after chemotherapy. Each of these methods can how to approach and not to approach the patient, so recovery methods are assigned individually by the attending physician. After defining methods of recovery, the patient must carefully adhere to the chosen strategy and be sure to follow all the recommendations. To restore the body after chemotherapy can be included the following activities:

1. Medicines and treatments. Treatment with chemotherapy after its completion can also lead to poor health. If this happens, you should immediately inform your doctor (oncologist), it should be possible to describe in detail all your feelings. According to the results of the medical survey, the doctor can recommend the necessary treatments or medications to improve well-being, including:

Restoration of blood. This operation is carried out with the help of blood transfusion, erythrocyte and platelet mass.
The recovery of the kidneys. This can be used glomerular filtration, tubular reabsorbtsii and prevention of occurrences of kidney infections and the formation of urate calculi.
Restore the General state of the organism. In this case burns be appointed by the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antioxidants, antihypoxants, various painkillers.

2. Food. The most important part in the recovery process after chemotherapy is a the proper (balanced) diet. Every day should with extreme thoroughness to follow the desired ratio in the diet of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and calories. Here are a few recommendations that may give the doctor:
• extremely useful consumption of beef, pomegranate, red apples and other produce, contributing to the restoration of hemoglobin in the blood;
• for the normalization and recovery of the liver is necessary to minimize the consumption of flour products, fatty foods and spicy dishes;
• to assure the normal functioning of the whole organism are encouraged to eat a variety of herbal teas, carrot, beetroot, tomato juice, milk;
• to restore bowel function in the diet selected products depending on the nature of the problem (constipation, diarrhea).

3. Excretion of dead cancer cells from the body. Dead cancer cells that are formed after chemotherapy usually remain in the patient in the form of necrotic tissue. When injected these cells in the blood may produce a range of side effects, such as changes in temperature, General weakness, headache, lethargy, malaise. To rid the body of necrotic tissue the most effective way is to drink plenty of liquids. In this case, it is recommended to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water per day. Also, the oncologist may recommend some diuretics.

4. Other aspects. To restore the function of hair growth well help folk remediessuch as burdock (must be rubbed into the scalp), and various rinse of burdock root or nettles. To bring it back to normal work of all body systems it is highly recommended to spend sufficient time in the fresh air, moderate physical activity, swimming, Hiking. It is important to lead to normal life, and if you want to ask for help to a psychologist or to turn to a specialized support group.

Remediation after a course of chemotherapy can last from six months to several years. At this time, should pay sufficient attention to their own health, as well as to carefully follow all recommendations of the attending physician.


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