5 minutes which will prolong life for years

What we are talking?! What five minutes? You will be able to tear away from his rich biography and to spend on such a bore, as, PAH-PAH-PAH, healthy lifestyle?! No, any of the following recreational activities you will need less than five minutes — that's the beauty of it!

1.Some optimists athletes in magazines like ours, recommend readers not to use the Elevator, always climb to the desired floor antiquated method — using the muscles of the legs and the press, who receive so great a burden, not to mention what a delightful exercise for the cardiovascular system. But, of course, is a utopia. No prizes in the form of perfect shapes and healthy heart will not make a normal person daily to crawl up the stairs.

Because it is long, boring and, frankly, exhausting. But few people know that to run down the stairs almost as useful: the muscles-vessels in this case is very decent. And most importantly — to make it easier and more fun. By the way, if sometimes go down the steps backwards, can not only hurt your neck and the neighbors earn reputation with a strange, but very nice to load normally polybismaleimide muscles back of the thigh and lower back.


2.The neck of the person who entered into a symbiosis with the computer, usually Ekes out a miserable existence. And sooner or later it starts to Express his displeasure in a plaintive crackle when turning the head, pain in the shoulder muscles and other unpleasant feelings rather hinder the quality of shooting monsters of Azeroth, grafomanstvo blogs and others your job duties.Make a nice neck, if at least once a day to make the following thing: holding a pencil in his mouth, writing them in the air in front of him the whole alphabet — from A to Z. Cervical of your spine will be delighted.

By the way, Russian-speaking citizens get an extra bonus: in our alphabet of 9 letters and more than many Europeans. But the Chinese, with their compulsory education at least 10 000 characters will have to sweat.


3.Buy sea salt in powder or granules. Every morning or evening then pour a tablespoon in a glass of warm water and rinse the resulting solution throat. Teeth, tonsils and mucosa of the nasopharynx will be in ecstasy: tooth decay, sore throat and acute respiratory infections is now much harder to attack them. But gargle salt water at the same time and the nose for example Hindus, hygienic practices which are now adopted in Europe — is not necessary. Drawing water without a nose, since childhood, habits, very easy to drive her to her ears, where she will live happily ever after, until it will lead to otitis, especially because of the climate we are not Indian.


4.Many people think that breathing exercises are to inhale more oxygen. It is actually the opposite: during these exercises it is better almost not to breathe. Cardiac surgeon, academician Amosov, who has lived 90 years and every day doing breathing exercises, wrote: "Any cell, first of all need loads and constraint". According to Amosov, breathing exercises is a way to block cell oxygen and see how she is going to get out.

Inhale first, then exhale from lungs all air, and try not to breathe. When you're very, very tired, take a deep breath and repeat the procedure. Try to hold your breath for at least three minutes — with regular practice you will succeed easily. And remember: the world record set by the diver Gianluca Genoni, is 18 minutes, 3 seconds. So you have to grow.

5.Eat raw carrots, turnip, Apple, or cabbage stalk. You have no idea how many people to 30 years are the proud owners of starting hemorrhoids — varicose veins in the rectum or the anus. And we present: in the developed world 40% of them! And with your every birthday will increase the risk that you will have to pay with blood for the neglect of the fiber in the form of vegetables, fruits, cereals and rye bread.

6. This is an incredibly useful exercise must be performed in a room with curtained Windows and barricaded the door (make sure also that the room has no mirrors and, accordingly, there is no risk that you will see yourself doing this). So, get on all fours, the maximum bend your back and within two minutes do smooth circular movements of the pelvis up-down and left-right. (The maniacs from the national Institute of health USA, which recommend this exercise in their physical promotional brochures, suggest at this point to present herself as a cat. MAXIM, pay attention, not insisting on our point of view, will come down and the platypus.) In return for this humiliation you will soon be sent to a healthy lower back, which does not even utter a word when you next time will try to get to the top or bottom shelf of the Cabinet something interesting. 7. Before bed water leg to the knee with cold water using the shower. One minute at the event is enough. So you, first, faster and stronger fall asleep; secondly, to give the desired attention to the veins of the lower extremities, and thirdly, will harden not worse than the fanatic that every day pours cold water entirely, and then wonders where in the nose does so much snot. 8. Another little joy to your colleagues and household. Take the most uncomfortable position, straining, curled up and perceiv at all that you can — arms, legs, back, neck, fingers, lips, so that every muscle in your body asked, "what are You doing?!" The crazier you feel, the more you deployed the "lazy" muscle fibers that live in your body, almost nothing themselves without burdening. Just hold still like this for a minute. Next time do not seek to repeat well-proven posture: this is a truncated version of gymnastics-Pilates, by contrast, assumes static load on the most different muscles, ligaments and joints.

9. Back up against the wall with his back, trying to press to her and both shoulders. Now, keeping this rectified, step away from the wall, take a book average uvesistost, put on the head and try ten times to sit down so that the source of knowledge is not plopped down on the floor. Oddly enough, even this simple exercise will have a small but beneficial effect on your posture, which is so important for the peaceful existence of the spine.


10. You probably used to think that nature has entrusted you to eat only with my mouth. Meanwhile, your skin is also able to eat anything for a sweet soul. In fact, she represents a myriad of small, toothless, but greedy mouths, actively withdraws the reality. And if before the shower you will smear his face and forearm, for example, honey and 3-4 minutes will give this farm to paiticipate, your dear skin will absorb a decent dose of more than forty kinds of vitamins and minerals, which usually does not reach them. Moreover, the digestion process is traditional, witty, but not always the most effective in terms of learning many useful, but legkorastvorimah compounds, which due to the abundance of hydrochloric acid in the stomach are almost always a scarce commodity for your body.


11. The perfect vacation for the eyes is a possibility they did not see. No-th-th! Alas, our eyelids are too thin and let a lot of light and image. Worse, the brain also does not give rest to the eyes — even in complete darkness forces them to contemplate dots, spirals, stripes and depraved naked women on the back of your eyelids (and what the eyes are doing in the dream and what pictures they are forced to watch — I think, you do not have to tell). However, fraud can try to give your eyes a few moments of real relaxation. Close your eyes. Now put your hand on his forehead so that it covered the eye without touching the eyelids. Wait until before the eyes stop burning quite so exuberant patterns, and try to imagine that you're looking at black velvet. All black, no shining, no glowing hairs and this spinning bright things with teeth, which rushes here and there and prevents you focus on the contemplation of perfect darkness. After a couple of minutes you will be convinced that you don't succeed, but it is already possible to tear the hand from his eyes and re-bury them in the computer: they more or less rested. 12. A microbicide is a crime against germs settled in your body. But don't worry especially: many of them are still pathogenic and do not deserve a better fate. To commit this mass murder, enough to squeeze the juice of one lemon in a glass of cool water and drink. We are not going to talk about how much of the vitamin C you get, you and without us know it. Much more important is the ability of fresh lemon juice to support the immune system weakening their microbicidal power. The only "but": if right now you decided to become a father before conception refrain from drinking. According to researchers at the University of Melbourne, lemon juice lowers the concentration of active sperm.


13. In Eastern medicine it is believed that the ear lobe is 11 "moon spots", responsible for the livelihoods of the 11 organs: eyes, teeth, liver, heart, penis etc. Massage the ears, for example, was considered a very effective way of dealing with male impotence and female frigidity.

Modern medicine, which is always happy to refute primeval superstition, says that about the moon and points it wants to know nothing, but on the ear lobe there are several large clusters of nerve endings, so it has high sensitivity and sergacheva ability to transmit signals to the brain, primarily in the spinal cord. Therefore, massage lobe, representing her energetic tingling, has simultaneously toning (and very strong) and analgesic effect. So you can believe the Chinese, the Europeans; the main thing — do not forget to regularly pinch your ears.


14. Taking a shower, increase the pressure to the maximum, and the temperature of the water up to the upper limit of its tolerance, close your eyes and point it bravely in the face from a distance of 10 cm.

Two minutes later, when there will be a feeling that your cheeks moved to the back of the head, eyes hammered the inside of the skull, and on the lips playing tag dozen bouncy weighty devils, stop the procedure and wipe your face soft towel (in a fit of self-love even to apply nourishing cream with a thin layer, but this is the aerobatics).

This thermal facial massage respect women, because it prevents the formation of wrinkles and increases skin elasticity. But you it is more important for another reason: it is an effective way to relax facial muscles and increase blood circulation. Both helps in fighting stress and fatigue.


15. If you're partial to alcohol and cling to this life-giving source regularly, once a week (as well as hangovers) take 6-7 tablets of activated charcoal. Charcoal is a great absorbent, which effectively removes from the gastrointestinal tract of various toxic substances, which, alas, alcoholic beverages contain enough. Moreover, coal is able to absorb heavy metals, poisons of plant origin and toxins secreted by various bacteria. Unfortunately, too often this is a wonderful cleanser to take is impossible, because charcoal binds and absorbs not only harmful, but also useful for your organism.



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