Salvation is not a whim and not a game

photographic reproduction of paintings by Boris Alekseevich Smirnov-Rusetsky

All our concerns about "daily bread" must be exactly as many as necessary to existence as the primary goal and concern of our earthly life should be to find answer to the question of how to live pleasing to God and how to attain salvation of our immortal souls. All of our care about the personal life should be limited to how to cleanse your sinful soul, as to change it according to the will of God, and how to avoid hell.

The salvation of his soul – is not a passing fad or some kind of game. Our life is too fleeting to playfully refers to his immortal soul. We are all mortal, and strangers on this earth, and soon each of us will come the last hour, when we stand before God giving an answer about his past life.

Happens happens to a person in trouble or temptation, and may grieve his soul, or he is experiencing difficulty, financial or material order, or it can be a serious illness overcomes him... In all these life difficulties he needs to bend his knees before God, and with brokenness of heart to pray to Him, to be done, not his, but God's will over him. The Lord, Whose volition and acquiescence came into our life a temptation, surely gives the person and the method or means to pass this test.

In whatever temptation we fall, if we don't bow our knees before the Lord, and if not we tearfully pray for His intercession, it will not retreat from us. In case, if we are at this moment acting in relation to the difficulties facing careless and lenote, temptations will only get stronger, become more threatening to the soul, and ultimately deal with the sin becoming heavier and more painful. Only sincere and fervent prayers, voluntarily uttered in heartfelt contrition and bathed with tears of repentance, will be heard by God. Because I object to the Lord let die the man truly penitent and praying. All he wants from us Christ is the awareness and understanding of their deep sinfulness, the knowledge of himself, desires to be forgiven and sincere love for Him.

In moments when we feel forgotten by God, whatever we do, our souls can find solace, all because material things are alien by definition and in essence. Conversely, when the soul becomes accustomed to the life in God, unceasing prayer and a virtuous life, she finds God within.




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