The lessons of courage or how to become a master in the house

Today has created a vacuum in relations between men and women. Men lose their leadership position and initiative in society, at work, and especially in the family. To defend its position for men becomes relevant, although the desire is there. But it is harder and harder. Men want women to do everything for them, but rather the impression. It is very convenient to hide behind the strong "woman". She earns, she raises the children, she cooks and cleans there house, and it does not help. It all becomes a pattern and the cause of frequent family conflicts. The impression that men in female roles, and a woman as a man. And they try to understand each other while at their plates — not in their attitudes. And I would like to have a kind of "School of Courage", which will be able to reveal to men only the best quality. Counseling men, I see that there is a desire to take responsibility, there are actions, but as a rule they just don't know HOW to do it in a relationship.
What do the men? Simple guidelines: 1. To assume the role of a man who has the power. Not the strength in his hands and will power and personal beliefs that I am male. This position is responsible for everything that happens in our lives: to provide for the family, raising children, caring for their spouse, conflict resolution in dignity and peace.
2. Live "verbs" — actions, not just empty words. When your pet needs you the most, often it is about that "loud" in different ways and in this moment you just need to solve its problems. Only then will women feel that they live as behind a stone wall.
3. If your spouse is in a panic, she did not need to say what it is. She needs your clear and explicit instructions as to her to behave or what to do. For example: "don't worry, everything will be fine, now see how will do and get so-and-so). Because love is measured by actions and words confirmed, the man said — man did.
4. Tenderness and of affection towards the female half has not been canceled. You can practice and instill good habits in daily life. Offer help, talking about sincere compliments, be gentle caring, actively listen, and listen, in General, act.
With such a man any woman will feel comfortable. Women like empathy is when men listen to them very carefully. It's no wonder the average vocabulary of men per day is 2-3 times lower than women's. The issue of communication, that says it all. Author: Alexander Yaremenko



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