Wonderful holiday recipe - potatoes in the oven in French

Amazingly simple, delicious and beautiful French style potatoes baked in the oven.

Potatoes baked in the oven in this old French recipe (pommes fondant) — a beautiful and delicious dish. Cooking the potatoes to the oven takes 30 minutes and still the same potato needs to be baked in the oven (or on the stove in a frying pan). You can prepare everything for this dish in advance and before guests arrive just put the potatoes in the oven to it baked beautifully. This old French recipe for potatoes, we were shown Ben Piette - chef of the local French restaurant for a cooking class. When I made it home, the potatoes baked in the oven, very much to all family members. Now this is a dish of potatoes often appear on our table. For potatoes, baked in the oven in French, you'll need a large oblong potatoes, preferably about the same size. Count one potato for 2 people, if you have a large meal with several courses, and one potato per person if it's a typical family dinner. 6 potatoes for potato in French you will need: approx 50 g butter 1 large clove of garlic sprig of thyme (optional) 1/2 l. water or chicken broth sea salt and white pepper Cooking potatoes in French At the first stage we will need to peel the potatoes with a potato peeler and slice it properly. Peeled potatoes, cut in half crosswise and then each half cut oval side so it was flat. It will take us to the potato in the French stable was located in the dish in the oven at all during cooking.

First he cut a large potato in half, then clean it, trim the narrow side of the flat, cutting off the tip and then the broad side of a little "softens" the edge, making it not so sharp. Put the broth to heat up. At this time in a deep frying pan melt the butter, toss in a little crushed garlic clove and a sprig of thyme. When the oil heats up, put the potatoes into it the broad, flat side down (the side where the potato was cut in the middle). bjarte broad side of fries to a beautiful Golden color. Thus, potato is the French word for fried only one side — the widest. Carefully, so as not to damage a nice crust, remove the potatoes and place it in a deep dish for the oven toasted side up. It is convenient to do this special kitchen tongs.

Pour the potatoes in the dish for the oven boiling broth or just boiling water. The level of broth to get almost to the top of the potatoes, but should not fill the top. If half the potatoes are not the same (some above, some below), align the level of broth in the smallest. In the oven all the potatoes in French, including the largest, are evenly browned. Now you can put the potatoes in French in the oven at 180° for 25-30 minutes, covering the top with foil. Or, if you cook the potatoes in French in advance, then put it in the oven it is necessary later, therefore calculating the time before the meal.

Alternatively, you can do the potatoes in French, not in the oven, and the pan — wok (deep frying pan) and then just flip it over and cover with boiling water. The potatoes should be left on low heat to boil under a cover. After 20 minutes check the potatoes (it should be medium soft inside) and leave for a few minutes without a lid to let the water boil dry. Do not let potatoes to fry on the bottom.

Ready fries French pepper and salt of sea salt on top and serve as a side dish or garnish with vegetables and serve as a separate dish.

Source: countrysideliving.net/blog/2012/12/pommes-fondant/


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