What You need to know about cancer: where cancer lives

Marv Wharekawa Ohanyan

Remember the words spoken six thousand years ago by Hippocrates: "Ubi pus, ibi evacua!" "Where pus, there is a cleanse!" This precept of Hippocrates is remembered today only by surgeons, but it is true not only of purulent surgery, but also treatment of any disease.

Yes, the body, everything is interconnected and communicates through the blood and lymph system, nerves and tissue fluid, hormones and mediators (tissue hormones). Would not otherwise be able to exist of self-regulation of physiological and metabolic processes in the body!

A powerful system of feedback that exists in the body, provides smooth consistent operation of the internal organs, nervous and endocrine systems and makes it the perfect "computer."
And in this case we have the following: on the walls of the colon is a huge amount of it stuck to the stool, overgrown with fungal mycelium. They accumulate there because of the inconsistency of food consumed to physiological needs of the body. Overcooked, overcooked food, wrong combination of food, causing putrefaction and fermentation in the intestines, meat products, containing a large number of cadaveric poisons — all this becomes cause of the accumulation of intestinal toxins.



Fixing on the walls of the intestines, toxins excrete toxic products into nearby organs.

Cancer grows in the pus, as fertilized soil. Want to cure cancer, but maybe it's only in the initial stage, or, more correctly, to warn him, remove the pus from all places of its accumulation. Can be demonstrated with the following pattern: festering abscess gives you cancer of the rectum, purulent appendicitis in the chronic form gives cancer of the cecum, obstructive bronchitis leads to cancer of the breast in women, a purulent bronchitis can give lung cancer and sometimes cancer of the colon or stomach cancer. Isn't that enough examples?

Clean the body from all kinds of toxins, poisons and toxins that enter into it and formed it, and there will be recovery.
Only carry out this process you need to competently, consistently and for a long time. The regulation of metabolism, the creation of new healthy tissues of the body, should be held to the pace and rhythms created by nature, not doctors.

Schematically this process looks like this:

The first step is cleaning of fabrics. It lasts from 7 to 21 days, is to stop taking solid food, drink herbal infusions and natural fresh fruit juices with simultaneous lavage of the bowel.

It consists in the combination of fasting with colonic irrigation.
The purification process is more efficient if 1-3 weeks to take in only distilled water to three liters per day. But this path is fraught with risk of severe exacerbation of existing illnesses, and therefore can only be performed in a hospital under the supervision of a specialist.

The second stage of recovery. It is held with the drinking of herbal teas with honey, fruit and vegetable juice, lasts 3-6 weeks. By the end of this phase are included in the diet of fresh fruits, dried fruits, vegetable salads, sprouted grains, nuts.

Such a diet with the subsequent addition of dairy products and raw egg yolks it is desirable to maintain as long as possible, which is especially easy to do in the summer-autumn period, especially in the South, rich in fruit regions.

This program nonspecific natural treatment methods, conducted with a certain regularity, is able to cure chronic disease in people of all ages. Of course, acute diseases can be cured much easier and faster, especially in children. This requires, again, from one to three weeks.

Pus (purulent exudate) is a turbid exudate, resulting from purulent or serous-purulent inflammation of tissue. The process of pus formation is called suppuration. Purulent lesion of the bone called osteomyelitis. The color of pus is often yellow, yellow-green but can be bluish, bright green, dirty gray. The color is due to the reason that led to its formation. However, the cause suppuration and other microbes e.g., Salmonella, Shigella, Brucella, pneumococci, mycobacteria, Candida, actinomycetes.

Exudate (lat. exsudo — go outside, stand out; exsudatum: ex - out + sudo, to sweat sudatum) — the fluid is released into the tissues or body cavity of the small blood vessels in inflammation.

Osteomyelitis (from the Greek words: osteo from osteon — "bone"; myelo — "brain"; -itis — "inflammation") is an infectious process that covers the entire bone, including the bone marrow. When this process is chronic, it can lead to bone sclerosis and deformity. Once the bone tissue is affected by microorganisms to the site of infection the white blood cells migrate, they secrete lytic enzymes that degrade bone. The spread of pus in the blood vessels lead to sequestration of the bone, thus forming the basis for chronic infection. At this time, the body tries to create new bone around the necrosis area.

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