19 useful cooking life hacks for bachelors

1. Checking eggs for freshness

If you don't remember when I put eggs in the fridge, don't risk the health or to get rid of them. To test the freshness of eggs is very easy. Simply place them in water: the spoiled will float and the good will sink to the bottom.

2. Rehabilitation vegetables

We all know that if you long to store vegetables in the fridge, they begin to deteriorate. How to slow down this process? To cover the Department of vegetable towel. It will absorb excess moisture which usually becomes the main reason why fruits spoil.

3. Make a juicy steak

Product which exactly can be found in the kitchen of a typical bachelor is a dark beer. It is great to marinate steaks and all stubborn and rigid. After all, what could be more delicious juicy, soft meat.

4. How to spice up muffins

To breathe new life into a dying pastries possible. Put the muffin in a paper bag, sprinkle with water and then place in the oven for 5 minutes.

5. To preserve the freshness of greens

Greens perfectly complements a variety of dishes. How to keep greens fresh and appetizing appearance for as long as possible? Store it in the refrigerator. Can also put into the water, as they do with flowers.

6. Fragrant honey

Over time, the honey can be sugar, or to turn white. To fix this, just put it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes and it will return to initial state.

7. Properly store mushrooms

Storing in the fridge sometimes causes the mushrooms to be covered with mucus. This product did not want neither to cook nor to eat. In order to remain presentable mushrooms, wrap them with a towel before placing in the refrigerator.

8. Crunchy vegetables

The vegetables which we all love crunch — carrot, radish, celery is best stored in the cool water. So they will be able to live longer in the refrigerator and still be more than edible.

9. How to save the bananas

Bananas quickly darken enough. To delay this natural process. It is best to store them in the bundle. As soon as one brother is separated from the General mass, the fruit begins to rot.

10. How to save a salty dish

If you overdid the salt in the soup or sauce, do not despair and order a takeaway. This problem is capable of any bachelor. Place in a pan with a raw potato for 5 minutes. It should absorb the excess salt. If not, then just add water.

11. Food container

Sometimes food containers, even after washing, retain the smell of food. To get rid of it just. After washing, place it on a while black-and-white newspaper.

12. Fresh cheese

This cooking life hack modern Housewives have borrowed from their advanced grandmothers. Should know his bachelors. To cheese for a long time is not spoiled, it is necessary to grease the edges with butter.


13. Coffee ice

Try to freeze coffee in the form of cubes. Very cool and useful thing. If the morning coffee did not want to, it would make a great Express frappe. You can also add ice cubes to smoothies

14. More pasta than you need

If you are calculated and cooked more pasta or pasta than you need, feel free to place any uncovered portion in the freezer. Bring them back to previous state will be the Bay for 3 minutes with boiling water.

15. Lemon juice

If you belong to the type who men take care of ourselves and prepare delicious and, most importantly, wholesome food, it is likely that you have repeatedly needed as a spices lemon. Not all, but a few drops. It is not necessary to cut the fruit in half. Make a hole with a nail and squeeze.


16. To Shine

Bachelors also make cleaning in the kitchen. How to simplify your task? Useful life hack: drop household alcohol will help to Polish stainless steel.

17. Ripe and juicy fruits

If some fruit in your grocery basket has not yet reached the condition, then you can help them to do it. Place them overnight in a paper bag with an Apple. The latter contains in its composition ethylene gas, which has a reviving and cheering effect.

18. Loose salt

Sometimes salt caking. This, too, can and must be fought. Put in a shaker some rice. It will absorb excess moisture.While sleep is just salt, which is very convenient.

19. Find the girl

It was nice to be the master of your life and its cuisine, but much nicer to share life with this mate. You will learn many new useful cooking life hacks, and life will become more interesting. You can cook together — this fascinating process is very common.

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