Seven myths about bachelorhood

Bachelors ... These mysterious characters for a long time attracted the attention of mankind, or rather, the best part of it. And it is quite natural, because they are the ones who find the strength to resist the almighty marriage instinct demands from birds Vytia nests of animals - digging holes, and by a man - an indispensable starting a family.

Bachelors and successfully resist public opinion, even if backed by millennial traditions.

How do they do it - it is difficult to say. They themselves are not too flaunt their methods, and to penetrate their secrets are not so simple. Make it can only be a woman, and the only way - going beyond the bachelor married. But the trouble is that such a rough experiment usually results in the death of guinea (remember the traditional wedding toast - "for the sudden death of a certain bachelor»).

Not surprisingly, the bachelor life surrounded by many legends and myths (as, indeed, any anomaly). And as it is now fashionable to deny "mass delusion of consciousness", will try to debunk some of the most common.

1. Bachelor has an unmarried man.

The first and most mass delusion. If a person has (or had) not married, it does not mean that he was a bachelor. To enroll in a cohort of celibate requires something more than the absence of a stamp in the passport. His position - not the social status and life credo. Narrow circle of people, they are terribly far from their families; to some extent bachelors - Elite unmarried. The main feature of a true bachelor - touchingly caring attitude to a house of cards, built of his interests and hobbies, habits and attachments. A marriage - a real threat to the fragile structure. That's why bachelors so sensitive to the slightest hint of the bonds of Hymen.

Ironically, it is this feature attracted him to the women. Next to the bachelor, even the most unpresentable, you can always catch the candidates seeking to whatever was stubborn plunge into the abyss of family life.

2. Social bachelors low rating.

"Social immaturity" bachelors are not ready to live in the family - a favorite target of attacks on female psychologists sites. Well, if you take them a parcel of marriage as the highest stage of relations, bachelor really inferior. But more often it turns out that it was entering into a marriage, a person is deprived of the possibility of self-improvement - family "turnover" eats everything "good intentions." Myth is just declared equality of spouses - in fact always to some one has to give in, stepping on the throat of his own song.

What just not accuse bachelor stubbornly refuses to form a unit of society! And he is indecisive, and notorious, and infantile, - in short, a real brake for Social Development. Certainly not! We will not list the scientific discoveries and social transformation, which involved an inveterate bachelor. We only recall that the whole world literature based on the adventures of idle (and misadventures married) men.

3. Bachelors afraid of women, and even hate them.

The authorship of this legend, of course, belongs to women who could not get in due time perspective bachelor. Themselves to blame: too clearly demonstrated the desire to start a family. Such hunters bachelor recognize once and really bypasses their tenth road. But in fact it is not without obstacles communicating with the opposite sex. Moreover, did not dwell on the "aptitude" of women for marriage, it is ready to respect it in the first person (in this case paying tribute to the shell, and in which that person is enclosed). And you can always expect the same from lawful wedded husband?

As for the accusations of misogyny, it is more a property of nature, and a married man, or free - is a secondary matter. It is no secret that some outstanding se * sualnye maniacs were faithful husbands and caring family breadwinners.

4. Bachelors harder to find a good job.

This myth once was part of the compulsory program soviet ideology. It is combined with a tax on childlessness and statement on kvartuchet was intended to multiply the ranks of the builders of the "bright future". To cultivate the image of an exemplary family man, the founder of the dynasty of labor, together with his beloved wife walking in the predawn haze on native plant. A bachelor, this "free radical" believe there are poorly controlled, and therefore futile and even dangerous.

Who is like the view shared by only hardened bachelor personnel officers from government agencies. Drinking lone changed dramatically. Employers, more recently, to bet on a respectable "zhenatika" today prefer ambitious bachelor who at any moment can stay overtime immediately go on a business trip, and if need be - and to prevail upon "the lady of the tax».

5. bachelors plenty of domestic problems.

Holdovers from "days gone by anecdotes." Unshaven half-starved bachelor in mint clothes can now be seen except in the old comedy. In fact, modern bachelor is always trying to keep a decent form - is an element of its image. Thanks to the development of home appliances, he without much difficulty coping with household chores and even gets satisfaction from the fact that its own costs. In critical situations helps service life, but more often - a voluntary helper from the list of contenders.

In the same series bike that bachelors are malnourished. This legend is not just outdated - it collapsed under the weight of an abundance of products in supermarkets and uymy cafes and restaurants to suit all tastes. And if you want something "home" - you can go to visit or succumb to the persistent entreaties of another soiskatelnitsy and tearing demonstrate their culinary talents.

6. * Se sualnaya bachelor life "scarce and bleak».

This crazy idea often voiced by married men. Honestly, envy - they obviously sad and hurt that suck. The main argument here - 'bachelor can not make love when he pleases. " The reality is "exactly the opposite" - is a married man has to wait for the moment when my grandmother or children when the couple run the critical days (at work). And the average bachelor on a case always has backup options. In probability theory, all figurantok from his notebook at the same time can not "have a headache" or spouse to return from a business trip. (By the way, encode female names in this book does not require a bachelor).

You should not lose sight of the reverse side of the coin: a married all the time necessary to make love when you do not want to. Bach also can indefinitely ignore the broad hints girlfriend without fear of labels "bastard" or "impotent." But, when it will be accepted for the cause ...

7. Bachelors less live.

Error, owes its existence biased method of counting. In the column "bachelors" are entered indiscriminately not had time to get married young, which significantly reduces the median age. In addition, some researchers refer to bachelors and divorced. It also distorts the statistics - who can guarantee that their health is not undermined by the stress of marital idyll? An anonymous author even unveiled in the pages of the Internet completely unique discovery - "bachelors mortality is higher than among married!" And we have been assured that the mortality rate in both cases is the same - a wholly-owned ...

Time is opportune to recall the myth of the notorious "glass of water" that "no one will apply" - the last and most "killer" antiholostyatsky argument. But think about whether to suffer all his life for the sake of a single cup (but still only water!). In addition, competent doctors say that drinking at this moment do not want to ...

It seems that there was not a full-fledged argument against the bachelor life. Still, a rate of about two to three times a year, when it's cold outside and uncomfortable, and all married friends to celebrate family holidays for a bowl of "Olivier", a bachelor starts moping and think seriously about life partner. And how it is vulnerable at this moment ...


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