Eat to live.Part 1

Fifty three million one thousand fifty six

I've put off writing this material as I could. At first I wanted a hundred percent to become stronger in the selected power plan and then to talk about it, but the farther I progressed, the more apparent became the fact that the story about hundred percent in the issues of imobiliaria is not about our world. You are always in the way, there are no guarantees, you just make another step forward and see where it takes you.

Then I had to admit that actually stops the other – I have no explanation and facts on most of the issues I'll cover. Here it is, the real reason why I was so attracted with the material about the food. I found my balance: food that brought me back to life, where there is strength in everything that I want, but how to share this knowledge if I can't prove anything?

I will not be able to engage in discussion and to justify your approach to food from a scientific or any other point of view. I say this honestly and in the beginning. If you need the facts, the details, the subtleties – it's not me. At the end of the material I will give the sources. I've read a huge number of books on the subject, but no explanation inside of me settled.

Why, for example, milk is bad? I just don't remember. To be honest, I don't care. I know milk is not necessary, unless you want snot, swollen bellies and clouded consciousness. Personally that's enough for me. Explanation there was a long narration about the animal world where nobody eats this product after growing up (and no one eats non-native milk!) or casein, which is the cause of mucus in our body. Since my childhood I could not tolerate whole milk, and in adulthood there was a time when hooked on a common chorus that it is useful. But when I read about milk, everything fell into place. As the stone from shoulders has fallen. I always knew it! But provide clear explanations can't right now. They just don't have.

Also, like it was with onions and garlic. Again, since childhood did not like them, then I used to eat. Until I found out what four products are not recommended for use in the practice of yoga:

The yogi must refrain from meat, onions, alcohols and garlic

Lankavatara Sutra

Onions and garlic are natural antibiotics that are good in small amounts with the disease. But you will have pills for a healthy body?

Again relieved, and again the bell: "You always knew!»

So all I'm here to tell you is based on one simple understanding:

The power to which I came after 10 years of active study of this issue, and personal, not always light and joyful, practices, saved me.Will fit it or not – I don't know, decide for yourself. To argue and to prove I'm not, just nothing to argue.

I dedicate this story P. Bragg, A. Arato, E. Robbins, G. Shatalova, H. Shinya, V. Zelando, N. Bernard and many other authors in the field of nutrition and health of man. Thanks to their work and samoistseleniya I was able to get rid of years of food addiction and regain your balance in the diet. And my mom, with whom we stopped eating meat many years ago and still don't eat it.

What is there to live?It all began 9 years ago when I stopped eating meat. I was 21 years old.

And dropped him the idea that "Meat is bad" or "Not kill animals", and the awareness of what kind of meat is sold specifically in my shops. Maybe somewhere in New Zealand on clean meadows grazing muzzle is happy, and I, here at home, in Russia, everyone who has ever worked in the sausage shop – not eat sausage, because he knows what it is. Chickens live in cages the meter on and eat food supplements to quickly "walk". Meat stored in dirty factories, transported drunken porters and knows what "oblivaetsya" to quickly go out.

Although there is no.

It all began much earlier. When I was about 13-14, and that was when I began to show that after many years I can identify as "food addiction".

I ate a lot. A lot and often. Sweet, flour, fried, canned. By the way, meat has been my staple, and barbecue – a favorite dish. The fish I almost did not eat like the average person living on the Kamchatka Peninsula with direct access to the wild salmon, I just did not like it.

Because of the age of my body coped. Was extra pounds, but it is not so critical when you're about 20 and nature is still actively lends vitality in the hope that you will come to their senses. So no problem I just never noticed, but in my environment there were no people who would recommend me to eat less. And do it in such a form that it does. The fact that at 21, I was out of breath at every turn when they went camping, could not keep the rhythm of the basic things to run without stopping for two laps in the stadium near home, I kind of sickness of body and spirit was not considered. And for good reason.

Surprisingly, refused the meat I can easily, without any transition periods, and almost immediately ceased to want. This was the first epoch-making discovery in my life on the topic myself. Once-favorite meat dishes were simply unpalatable. Here, it is that are not harmful (!), not disgusting (!), not bad (!), and simply unnecessary. Who doesn't like barley and I meat.

I began to quietly walk questions, however, answers to some of them I would understand fully only years:

— And what, then, was the great love that has awakened in me the desire smoked sausages, wieners and meat in French with potatoes and onions? What was it and where did it go? This wanted my body? But now frankly do not want. The body's required micronutrients? And now openly rejects? Love to meat? Need? Habit? And how did overnight, so easy to get rid of this obsession?

With enthusiasm and at the same time with a shudder I realize now that all the tools that I will come through the pain, frustration and overcoming 30 years, I was successfully issued in 20 years. Extremely caring the universe in the 16th taught me practice for removing interior clips (read "meditation"), is able to deliver you from any complexes, and thus problems, and at the age of 21 revealed the essence of food, which has beneficial effects not only on your body but on the mind, but instead to take the knowledge directly and to live a healthy life, I prefer 10 years to cut penalty laps to come to the same answers, but by their own cones. Sometimes I think someone upstairs great fun. But I will not be distracted.

The meat I have stopped and never eat until now. But it did not solve my key questions, I'm still an unhealthy way of eating my emotions and remained devoid of force for something greater. Plus the natural energy advance has been terminated (this usually happens at all in the period of 23-25 years), and I was left alone with that energy which could afford my lifestyle. Somewhere began to disappear so natural for me Shine in the eyes and the spirit of adventure that I always took for granted (and it turns out it is also a consequence of the energy potential!).

The next shift in my diet has occurred only after 5 years. I came out of Vipassana meditation, where he spent a quiet 10 days, with the clear understanding that I will not eat the fish and become full vegetarian.

Began a new period in my biography of a year, which today with a pure heart I can only be described as "stupid vegetarianism".

The definition will fit 80% of people today who do not eat meat and fish. Unfortunately. I've been and I'm glad I was able to see it.

Blatant stupidity is that fish and meat can be replaced with flour and fried in abundant oil, pouring it all so many seasonings that man easy eats huge portions, considering this state of Affairs is the norm.

In Asia, where I lived at the time, the most common dishes – fried rice and noodles. It's scary.

The basis of my menu was pasta, sandwiches, fried rice or noodles, vegetables (again, cooked), and certainly some bread. I lived in Nepal, in the so-called Paradise for vegetarians. Although today these places I was referred to as a Paradise for vegetarians unknowingly, because the emphasis there is not on fruits and vegetables. Of course, I ate fresh salads. And fruit was also. But, let's be honest, how many percent of the daily food they made?

To make the basis of your diet flour products or fried-overcooked covered with spices vegetables – is the height of absurdity. Flour products, and especially products with yeast, as well as stimulating the appetite seasoning cause severe food addiction, this in turn leads to overeating. Stretched out stomachs, a constant unhealthy appetite and lack of energy, the body "sits down" and requires a new dose, a person becomes a slave of food. His emotions and state completely tied to what he eats. But even that is not important. Ability to think critically, take risks and make decisions is dulled.

My first motion in the bright side started with understanding:

Food not only affects our body but also our minds.

The perfect cog in the system eats a lot, moves a little and afraid. Excess food, especially the plethora of synthetic food (in particular, modern yeast!) keeps us in constant forgetfulness, blurring of consciousness, like alcohol.

Our mental clarity is directly proportional to the freshness of our food.

I was rolling downhill with this kind of food, but there was nothing I could do about it. Return to meat was impossible, on the one hand, just didn't want another – I understand that there is no turning back. We must go forward no matter what, we must find a way to heal not only their body, but their entire life.

A strong man differs in that it goes forward even in those moments when it is not quite clear where the "front".

The next step, a year later, was already a cardinal. I decided at once to deal with problems in nutrition, becoming a raw eater.

This period was one of the most momentous experiences in my life, despite the fact that to return to this kind of power I will be unlikely (I'm willing to say "won't", but promised myself not to renounce). For the first time in my life lost 7 pounds and found out your true weight (which was at least 5 pounds less than I used to be considered the norm) and also the first time realized that means do not want to eat and do not overeat. I was light, thin and full of energy. And it turned out fine, hitherto unknown to me, the condition.

That was another major insight about myself. It turns out that we really can live up to 27 years and can't even imagine what a ease and completeness forces fully, and being absolutely sure that you were always "normal person".

The fact that the fruit on this diet formed the basis of my diet – this is probably the only food that is not addictive and which do not overeat. You just physically can't eat too many bananas or grapes, in contrast to, for example, pasta with mushroom sauce, sprinkled with Parmesan and garnished with a sprig of Basil, which updatesa without the rest of the huge saucers as something self-evident.

Raw food I spent 4 months unable. Here's my position on this matter of correspondence with the reader:

I perfectly relate to the raw food diet, I tried it and was on the fruit 4 months. I couldn't and flew — too frankly. But I also know the deep reasons why I failed and, to some extent, glad that I was able to detach himself from the illusion of SeverEnergia through nutrition.

I know that people can exist on this kind of diet — questions about protein and stuff I don't care about, all abound in vegetables, herbs and fruits, but it is also true the other — I personally know several raw foodists from 2 years of experience. Well, there was no drive, no superstorage. No. In the eyes. And the reason is simple — their intention, the motives of the transition. They switched to this way of eating to become "superhuman" to their energy punched the wall, and the desire is immediately materialized. They may even themselves not to admit it, but this is so many clothes for different desires. We are all familiar with this point of view: "if you are not running the visualization, it is also because you eat tie-dye". But it is not! Here it is, the most interesting moment. Visualisatie does not work, because your words, thoughts and actions diverge. You twist one in my head and irregularly, and do absolutely another — the fitting together of not. Nutrition affects the "purity" of the signal, but it the signal does not form (in contrast to the thoughts, actions, words, or conditions)!

"Feed the body healthy food and forget about it," said Yogananda, and those who jumped too soon to the raw food diet, one can't forget. They build their entire lives around the fruit and discussions of these fruits. They forget that they are the creators and until anything consciously to DO (and not only consciously to EAT), will not have energy, strength and ability to penetrate walls, or at least the circumstances of his own life. Power is given to the case, and not in fact your food, which, of course, also of paramount importance in matters of health.

I randomly went back to the old food again, gained their original weight again stood in front of the whole abundance of choice, but now clearly realizing to myself that I suffer nothing but food addiction and overeating that my forces are often zero simply because the vital energy is spent on digestion, I drink 3-4 mugs of coffee a day and still want to sleep during the day, my mood changes in the second half of the day and there is no resistance. This situation is not normal. It is a disease. I have to heal. Needs to bring back the Shine in his eyes. Just have to.

I crossed this threshold, 2 years ago, determined to find its equilibrium and balance on the rope of mindfulness, this time with pleasure.


Author: Olesya Novikova


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©




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