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In recent years Russians have become very popular sushi and rolls. They can be prepared from rice, seaweed, fresh vegetables and fish.

Especially tasty are the rolls wrapped in nori seaweed. These algae are rich in vitamins and potassium. Vegetarian rolls can be cooked at home with added cucumbers, tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper and other products. Composed of a cream cheese, but if you are lactovegetarians or vegetarian-a beginner, this should not discourage you.


Vegetarian rolls are suitable for those who are on a diet and wants to diversify its menu. The basis of any of the rolls is the rice, which should be properly cooked. It is advisable to use special rice for sushi, which you can buy in the store. The main thing – is correct to observe the proportions. 5 cups of rice should have 8 cups of water. Before preparing the rolls, the rice must be thoroughly washed, and then dried.

And in order to figure guaranteed, you'd have to know 3 main rules. Watch the video!

1 tbsp. rice
8 tbsp. sesame seeds
10 sheets of nori seaweed
2 cucumbers
bell pepper
200 g cream cheese
4 tbsp wine or rice vinegar
2 tsp wasabi
soy sauce – to taste

How to cook vegetarian rolls:

1. To start the rice pour two cups of boiling water and simmer for about 10 minutes. A minute before the end of cooking, add the vinegar, stir and bring everything to readiness.

2. All the vegetables a good rinse and dry with paper towels. Cucumber peel and cut lengthwise stripes. Similarly, slice and pepper.

3. If rice has cooled, you can proceed to the fun in this cooking process. A sheet of nori put on a bamboo Mat and spread on it a small quantity of rice. Then squeeze wasabi. Top off with lettuce and cheese "Philadelphia". Then there are cucumbers and green pepper. You can now begin to neatly fold and roll.

4. The same method is take a few rolls until you have run out of filling. Each resulting tube is cut into 8 pieces. Then each part in half. Ready vegetarian rolls put on a plate and sprinkle sesame seeds.

5. You can cook vegetarian rolls, following a slightly different recipe. The actual method of cooking remains the same. Only cucumbers should be replaced by a similar number of tomatoes and add avocado. Apply those rolls to the table best with pickled ginger and soy sauce.


If you want rolls, home-made, turned out just as tasty as the real thing, try to spread the rice on a wooden plate after cooking. Tableware made of wood is used to rapidly evaporate any excess moisture. You can fan the rice with a fan to accelerate this process. By the way, it is better to mix it with a wooden spatula. This motion needs to be sharp enough, otherwise the rice will stick together in the cooking process. And the grains should be well separated from each other. If wooden utensils are missing, you can use a simple cardboard sheet.published




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